Your Portfolio:

About 24 hours ago I bought a 1 year premium membership. By following advice from the premium...

channel over just the past 48 hours, I've now made my money back (on paper, haven't cashed out). Not just that, but also have recouped the paper losses incurred by dumping and exiting the market when D Man made his "last call" to do so the other day. So, I'm now back to where I was at this BTC price, as if the drop had not occurred, but I also have a yearly membership under my belt. How awesome is that?

Thanks @unicornmaster, @Cryptiola and team. Really appreciate your hard work.

(I'm not a shill, just a regular guy who heard about the group on the Cointelegraph promo post the other week. I hadn't used any TA advice previously and didn't even know what TA was! I'm a home investor through and through.)

If you're holding a few different coins and are wondering what your holdings are worth right now, a quick way to get a handle on your portfolio value is to manually enter your holdings at Or if you like a challenge, the way I track things is with Google Sheets and the API library from (see Tools under whatever coin page you're on). Cheers