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Blockchain Whispers

Start Insider Trading Before It Becomes Illegal In The CryptoSpace! We Know When, What And Have A Good Idea How Much A Particular Coin Will Grow. Our Small Circle Controls Almost 1% Of The Market. We Are What You Know As Whales. And You Are Invited! Please See If You Qualify Below...

Dear investor, trader, cryptocurrency enthusiast,

If you landed on this page on Dec 3. 2017 and invested $100,000 following every signal I gave – you would have enough today to buy a brand new Lamborghini Huracan for every day of the week (330,000x7).

If you went all in on all my signals, you wouldn't have a single loss bigger than 25% (14.41% on POLL), and that was the only losing signal I gave to members, and the call was good, they just misadvertised the token burn so it will happen in May, not now. [update at time of reviewing this early Sep 2018, the poll did the burn just delayed]

In total I gave 11 signals, one losing, 10 wins. (proof here)

And if you bear with me for a second, I will explain to you why this will be the most important page if you are serious about cryptocurrency investing.

Dear fellow crypto investor,

Do you know now what's going on? Where is Bitcoin headed next, what is the situation with alts? What is different at this stage than the stages before...

I do.

Not to a certainty, but to a high probability.

Historically, I tend to be right more than anyone publicly known in crypto.

Here's why:

Mr. Y – if you ask me, he is probably the most advanced fundamentals analyst in the world at the moment (for crypto). He has no idea how to draw a chart.

Excavo – my partner – he is the best chartist in the world for example according to pro-charting platform

But they also don't know where bitcoin goes, and for that there is

Cartel Bitmex Sicario – they study bitcoin to the precision where they can trade it on bitmex with leverage and still brag about it on our website from time to time to get more witnesses if they mess up (they rarely do, and by rarely, it is around one in ten in the last two months).

And there I come, just woke up from the night of partying with Ukrainian strippers... finding my pants, trying to check what I can remember from last night and hope I used protection... and bam!

The moment I read the reports from my team, I already know the crypto picture for that day and for the day after... not only better than the public, not only better than even the pro traders out there... but also better than my OWN TEAM that only focuses on their respective piece of the puzzle.

And it's not that I'm a genius.

Far from it.

I started not knowing shit about crypto.
Got into Bitcoin by accident in 2014 and got hooked by it.

By the time of early 2018 – I sold it at $11 shy from all-time high until this point.

I publicly made calls to get out of the market when everyone was bullish, and to invest when everyone was scared.

Until I became a widely-popular character in crypto, I was doing more than fine enjoying my day analyzing and trading myself. Now, I have a team and enough knowledge to filter through their shit and know who to listen for what.

I had a health problem in late May... due to stress, so I am not trading anymore. Instead, we focused on giving the best signals on Earth, unbiased – we don't trade prior to them... if we trade, we trade with you. We don't need you to pump the price, because we know where the market will pump it naturally.

The big chunk of money is invested in the team, as I had to, wanted to, fuck... needed... to get the best guys out there.

Guys are throwing thousands of bitcoins for me to manage, which again, due to my health issue that I fully plan on fixing.. I reject. Other people's money is a stress, and I plan on living long enough to retire rich with my own strip club as a hobby. I already imagine 10 or more smoking hot, perfect bodies, Ukrainian chicks preparing for the shift, dancing... and I am there with my laptop, working my stuff with the best scenery out there (after of course – being with your family and the loved ones).

“But, you already have enough to open a strip club!” – I hear you say Yes I do, and I had a nightclub before, a Lambo before entering crypto even,… and realized the biggest trap of all… STARTING TO SPEND MONEY BEFORE YOU ARE SETTLED FOR LIFE…

I lost all. The club. The Lambo. The 40-model-like chicks per night that we had before opening a club… I realized fucking I can’t focus on business while focusing on a club and can’t focus on a club and folks calling you that the manager has forgotten to unlock the doors at the opening hours (and the crowd left waiting outside)… while focused on business.

So I entered crypto.

I loved about crypto one thing – simplicity.

No fucking paperwork. No invoices. No bullshit, and I lived in a jurisdiction where there was no legal obligation for any. In under five months I came from zero (yes, absolute zero) to be able to buy a couple Lambos.

“Bullish baby, here we come…” then I lost it most and realized: 
“hey there is more to this than people think” – this fucking thing sucks you in with the gains and then beats the shit out of you and takes most of your hard earned….

I started studying. And when I am onto something, I’m like a pit bull, I don’t let go. I studied days and nights… historically traded, corrected myself… became really wickedly-effective.

One day through my social circle I met the guys with like 2000 btcs each… and they started giving me tips: “buy rdd” – I remember to this day…

I was like, “why? I see no fundamental reasons for it” – and they laughed. One guy partnered in a large online media network, another guy served singlehandedly 20 million people per DAY through his website.. and others were just financial guys.

They replied: “there will be fundamental reasons to put in rdd, AFTER we invest!”

That night, after a couple of whiskeys with coke (Coca-Cola, not coke, I beg your pardon!), I discovered 

The World of Inside-Trading!

Fuck, I wanted to be like these guys… why I’d have to study charts and ‘hope’ for someone to pump it… so I traded what I knew best – my knowledge where the best chicks are, for their piece of info…

Soon they realize, there is a fool who outworks them, and who might be useful, so we partnered in their fund. I loved what I was learning, however soon my other hobby took over my earning – the love for people.

I started giving free tips in a channel and channel started growing rapidly… first 32 members… then first 1000, I remember celebrating when I got to 10,000 in times when every other channel was stagnating… then a hundred thousands came before I realized…

And so did the popularity, the crypto greed from competition and other people,.. I got rekt – my channel taken away and since my whole preparation was – "hey let me open a channel on Telegram and work 16 hours a day on it helping newbies navigate through crypto, avoiding the mistakes I did…" I had no backup plan.

When the channel was shut down, a bunch of people came to me asking if I want to open it again – I said: “did that, done that.. it’s over”.

Now, it is time for me to focus on what I am good at: I know which people know crypto and have an edge, and which don’t. My task is making sure I have the best traders available at a time – negotiate with them, even babysit them from time. When it’s handled, when the team is fully operational, I check their inputs and filter through the shit – and I give you the signal – my top buy recommendation to the best of my knowledge.

Disclaimer: it is not a trading advice. I am not licensed (I don’t know if it even exists yet in crypto) professional. I am not officially qualified to give advice. And every investment comes with a risk – even risk of losing all.

This is obvious, isn’t it?

Alright, with that said – I give a recommendation based on hours of work of traders who are really happy with their track record, who put in long hours and who are focused in their respective areas… combined together – in my opinion it gives a HUGE edge over masses!

So, how good is my advice?
First to weed out the guys who live in the sky, daydreaming about non-realistic bullshit…

What if I’d tell you that for two months we had around sideway movement floating around… you’d say it’s not interesting for you, right?

If I’d tell you these were the months when an average trader lost 56%-70% of their total portfolio value, what would you say now to the same score?

Preserving gains is equally important as making some.

And make we did… shortly after we now our 1 bitcoin (not half or one minus 70% like those who didn’t preserve the gains did) we put it in pundi (NPXS) and did 20 bitcoins – yup… we put it in ONT and did 8.5… some point we even got a bit greedy so we put 2 btcs in some of our investments… you get the picture.

By now it should be obvious for you that having an edge is what makes you money in crypto. And I, due to my weird conditions, decided to focus my energy into being able to give you the best edge possible.

This is what I do…

Coinmarketcap has coin prices. Coin Telegraph has coin news. And D man – has an edge!

I help traders like you, an elite group that doesn’t shy away from my mention of strippers, to fulfill our dreams (and each of us has one) of living free one day and enjoy in the process of becoming free.

For me, at this point, there is no trader that is out of reach. If I would think there is ANYONE who is better than my team, he or she would be in my team. I have no ego. I am proud I am no longer the best.

So, if you want to join in, you must know – we give you our findings, you still have to do your own research – understand what you’re doing and invest only when it makes sense for you.

Yes, a bunch of people are very happy with just following our advice, however I want you to be self-sufficient, thus I’ll teach you every once in a while something that can give you an edge in the future.

You know by now I have to finance a team somehow and that since I’m not trading myself since May, I am sharing the cost of this elite, probably the best crypto trading team in the world at this point – with my elite followers who want to have this edge over the masses.

I sell what I call a Premium service, but you can call it however you want – it is my elite crypto family with whom I share my findings, and my chick troubles…

When you buy premium, you immediately get access to our ‘Signal Delivery’ platform. You don’t get access to me as it’s not humanly possible to answer everybody (I tried that for the first quarter of 2018) – to spend six hours a day just answering questions. Instead I figured out, we open a Premium chat when something important is going on or requires clarification, and sometimes I am in the chat, sometimes entire team, sometimes a combination… answering your questions to make sure you are following properly. These chats are fast – usually lasting between 20 minutes to 50-60 max and you’re fully updated. If you’re like my subscribers, it doesn’t take you more than that to figure all out.

Note: I will not teach you how to fucking push a buy button on Binance, that stuff you have to figure on your own before joining, or figure it on the fly – you might ask in a chat maybe someone from your elite crypto family will have the patience to help you out… but really, there is no such thing as money falling from the sky – do your own homework, learn the basics, don’t be lazy.

With Premium, you get important things you should know about the state of crypto and undervalued, premium advice not available to the public.

Sometimes I will share something in my free posts on website; however the juiciest is always left for my Premiums.

This is the very top. Elite of elite, the only more elite level is my Lions program which is for guys with over 10 BTC and we are focused more on moving big bucks for them. It is however even for Lion level traders, absolutely recommended, try first my premium then should you need more, do the Lions' program.

Many premiums now have a goal to save up a certain amount and join Lions – it’s an extra motivation.

So back to the point – since my popularity started growing, our track record becoming known… I got more interest for Premium program than is good for maintaining a high-quality environment (once we did a signal for XLM and due to buying power it immediately reached the target – leaving me and the team in a mess).

For that I have to limit the number of premium spots. We are not a pump and dump group and I treat my premium members like my good friends – I want them all to succeed and I want to see us partying together.

For that, everyone must be happy with what we did.

So – if this sounds like something that could get you an edge, if your common sense tells you you can do more with Blockchain Whispers Premium team as your protective big brother watching over your shoulder (not the one who bought alcohol for you when you were too young for!)… then, I am happy to invite you to join us, the Blockchain Whispers Premium crypto family in having the edge over uneducated “wen moon, wat Lambo” crypto masses, and be on the winning side.

Choose your package below, and see you inside:

○ 0.147 btc a month

○ 0.397 for 3 months (10% discount!)

○ 1.47 for the entire year (2 months free!)

You need Bitcoin and you need Telegram application.

To join contact and the bot will take care of the registration process for you.

Current status: 38 members before the door closes at this price (yes, we are that good!)...

For 10x of 10x,

10x for reading,


P.S. Should you do amazingly well with your capital and reach financial freedom and more… maybe you also decide there is more to life than just crypto and money chasing – then, I am open to discussing partnership (if you’re not too annoying partner) in the strip club we will open. Telling you upfront – it will NOT be profitable, but it will be fun! 😉

1 month:


3 months:

0.397 BTC / you can get 4th month for
0.127 BTC

1 year:

1.47 BTC / you can get 13th month
for 0.127 BTC
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