"A Trend Should Be Assumed To Continue In Effect Until Such Time As Its Reversal Has Been...

Definitely Signaled"

These are the wise words of Robert Edwards, straight out of his legendary book "Technical Analysis Of Stock Trends".

Let me describe a hypothetical crypto-trader to you...

He has heard a lot about Bitcoin and the money it can make him. Especially in the news during 2017, as Bitcoin and most alt coins reached their all-time high values.

Our hypothetical crypto-trader decided it was time to enter the market.

It was his turn to make a fortune.

He put in a LOT of research.

He knew which exchanges to sign up for, and which were probably scams.

His plan was to get a hardware Trezor wallet as soon as possible. Besides, every website he'd researched on, had told him about the extra security he needed to protct his coins.

Our hypothetical trader made his first Bitcoin investment around November 2017.

He didn't really know what was happening in the market though...

The price started going down, and out of sheer panick, he quickly sold.


He lost a couple insignificant dollars, but nothing serious. It was some good first-hand experience for him.

He did some more website browsing, and kind of learned to read charts.

Problem though:

What looked good on the 15 minute charts, didn't quite match up on the 1 hour chart... or 6 hour chart... or the day chart. But he was eager to have "another shot". Luckily, he had read about the "stop-loss" trading function and set this up.

His stop-loss soon triggered.

He lost a couple more insignificant dollars. Still nothing too scary.

Tired, our hypothetical crypto-investor took a 3 day break from everything. Giving himself some time to reflect upon what he did wrong.

Now after these 3 days, he checked the price of the alt-coin which lost that money...

IT'S UP 30%!

Now he's a bit pissed off with himself. He had read somewhere that you need to take your emotions out of trading and trust your analysis.

This goes on for weeks and weeks...

Sure, he makes a few (lucky) profitable trades occasionally. But nothing is reliable.

Definitely Signaled"

There's a very certain trend about our hypothetical crypto-trader.

A trend that sees his money slowly disappear, little by little, with each uninformed trade he makes. And sadly, there's no reversal in our trader's horizon.

Look guys, I get it.

This is how most new traders act.

It's what we old-time, experienced traders call the "initiation period". This is the make or break period for most people. Will they cut their losses and quit? Or do they soldier on, and look to learn the solid foundations of proper and profitable trading?

Here's why I created this Telegram channel;

I hate seeing people lose money. Especially the stupid people who go "all in".

(Remember, ONLY trade what you can AFFORD to lose)

I have a huge team of incredibly smart traders. We have Mr. X on board, who you will learn more about later. We have an expert day-trader who is trusted with over 1 BILLION dollars in a Wall Street fund.

You all know we have Excavo, the NUMBER ONE technical analyst of TradingView, on our team. Not to mention Peter the whale.

Notice... I have whales who invest with my team and me. These guys are trusting my team with absolute fortunes. That's how secure they feel with my reseach, analysis, and picks.

My team is paid to do technical AND fundamental research FULL TIME. They work way more than 12+ hours most days.

You sure know I do! Most of you asked me when do I sleep :)

How do you think I bring YOU incredible information before any other telegram group, let alone the general public, know?

NEM being listed on Binance. ZIL being listed on Binance. SRN partnering with Huawei. Bitcoin's highs and lows, almost to the EXACT DOLLAR...

It's no secret - I outwork others. I put in all this incredibly time-consuming effort for you.

The amazing members of this channel.

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