A Story Of A Dog That Ate Chocolate My friend had a dog. He fed him with chocolate, and Coca...

A Story Of A Dog That Ate Chocolate

My friend had a dog. He fed him with chocolate, and Coca Cola.

The dog lived 16 years, without any problems.

The average for that dog kind 11.

My friend had a simple explanation: "He liked it and he was happy, so he lived long because he was happy!"

I know of a old lady that drank every day some vodka, she was 108.

I know of a guy, actually the guy is writing you who lived healthy all his life and yet I know a story after story of guys not living long when too tight.

So today's call is: smile.

The more you smile, the happier you become and the happier you become, the healthier you become.

The chances are you already have everything. Someone who loves you, someone you love and enough health to do whatever you want in life.

Let my situation be a lesson to you all — I often go first, I test unproven traders on my money, before recommending to you their trades, I test new ideas myself and in this case I tried working like a dog and handling every single little thing like a champ wondering why nobody else does so.


I am developing Blockchain Whispers to keep on providing you superior knowledge for crypto trading, so if you decide to find your life in crypto - this is the most essential first step - this knowledge right here.

Blockchain Whispers now grew further and beyond me - I became from a trader to a mentor from a mentor to a scout — talent scout, as now really, I show you only stuff that is developped, but if you'd see stuff in development... you'd shit your pants from excitement.

And as you know with my book, with stoploss tool, with a bunch of calls, knowledge,... whenever I can I give it here for this great community.

At the moment, whales and institutions are trying to fuck us... and they play games that weren't played in 2017... we must evolve. They have weapons we don't, however don't underestimate the power of guerilla warfare. USA lost war to Vietnam due to their guerilla warfare, and compare the economic and technological powers.

So the more we stick together, the more power we have ourselves. Educate yourself. Study it. Everything here is already said, when btc is volatile, don't expect alts to fly. Here's new secret, pick the alts you truly like and make a shortlist... and then in most volatile btc times when you see them reaching bottom, buy some!


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