A Scammer Versus Scammer

The following is my opinion...

Bitcoin Cash is the biggest cap scam coin in existence.

History of Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Cash was made with pure purpose just to compete with Bitcoin and that the founders have 'free money'.

Now Bitcoin Cash is at the fork. It will be a fight till the end until just one Bitcoin Cash survives.

Roger Ver - A Liar Vs. Craig Wright - A Liar

It's interesting how they find their own...

Craig Wright figure is now all cocky on his twitter, calling people dumb for believing in Bitcoin, that Bitcoin (and of course only his version) will survive.

Let me remind you that is the guy that claimed publicly to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

A Quick proof he isn't: Why would you, if you created a superior currency, go later to create an inferior currency and try to compete with your own currency?

He maybe wiped ass of Satoshi Nakamoto, cocky prick.

On the other hand there is Roger Ver - who went distances to beat bitcoin but he never managed to do so. He owns bitcoin.com where he promotes bitcoin cash, he misused admin access at blockchain.info - he planned 'insider' attack on Bitcoin this August... 

he failed at all... why the heck he thinks it will be different now that he is at war with one of his kind another scammer and liar Craig Wright?

A battle for BCH hash rate and the 51% attack

Bitcoin Cash doesn't have replay protection. It means what's transacted on one chain it's transacted on another.. so whoever controls the 51%, can: 1) reject transactions on other inferior chain or 2) make false spends

Still think Bitcoin Cash is your currency of choice?

Would you like to invest your money, let's imagine a gun to your head and you have only one currency to pick that you want to hold all your money safe for you that you will access in three years from now - would you pick a coin that one of those two fuckers is leading (Bitcoin cash) or a coin that is truly leaderless, ego-less (from the day 0 Satoshi Nakamoto was a pseudonym, to enable true blockchain experience. And guys with their own names, framing their pictures and promoting blockchain are as fake as it goes).

They will beat themselves to death...

One will lose all... and one will rule Bitcoin Cash for as long as crypto is tolerating shit coins.

Once crypto reaches critical mass, shit projects will be abandoned. There will be only one currency, and all others will be tokens used for something other than currency payments.

Bitcoin will be upgraded with layer 2 and with community voting.

There is no need for Satoshi Nakamoto to show his face and collect twitter likes.

Satoshi Nakamoto created crypto.

Satoshi Nakamoto lives crypto.



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