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A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned.. my father used to repeat to me.For that I hated him :)Only...

A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned
.. my father used to repeat to me.

For that I hated him :)

Only to realize that more truthful words have never been spoken when it comes to trading.

Now, I will share with you one secret, that even top professional traders can benefit. So powerful, yet so simple that after revealing it might sound so obvious.

I will share it with you because it elevated my trading to the next level when I was monitoring my traders and predicting when they will make the wrong and when the right call.

I noticed one common pattern...

when the trade would take longer than they predicted it will, it would have way higher odds of failure than when it was within an expected timeframe

I had a fortune to watch the rise and the fall of one of the most successful leverage bitcoin traders in the past 10 months. He had 95% accuracy on 50x trades... and yet those five % were MOSTLY those which he could prevent if he simply got out of the trade that wasn't developing as planned.

Top pros know risk management and portfolio management, and charts and all... and yet they forget the most obvious... if you see it not developing as you predicted when you decided to enter the trade... why not exit it before a loss?

As soon as it gets out of the pattern you predicted for it, it becomes a pure 'hope so' gamble.

They asked me today for D man's secret never told.

This is it.




  • 17
1w ago
niceee...had to read it like 3 times to sink in...everytime I stayed longer the trade went sour
  • 26
2w ago
Wise words! Short and sweet, thank you D Man :)
  • 108
1m ago
Totally Agree!
  • 59
1m ago
DMan You have mentioned the reason Why 90% doesn't make profits though their assets increase in value. This should be added to Wiki
  • 637
1m ago
Awesome DMan.. We All need to learn to stop falling in Love with our stocks /coins. This lesson has been learnt by most of us after 2017 end Bull. Thank you for sharing this