A guy messages me and says: fuck you you said 12k btc in two weeks. My responses for him: 1) if...

you read dilligently this channel you heard an update, as this is a moving market and updates do happen: that is the bearish and that 12k can be prolonged because od that. Read it step by step, not get 12k and go 100x long on bitmex

2) this is a free channel. I dont owe you anything. I do my best and as many followers agree we have a huge edge together with my team. However, no expectations are welcome. An edge. I dont trade for you.

3) if you would win based on my advice, would you pay me something? most likely you would not and you will not. So it tells who is the one giving something here.

With the growth of this channel I met so many great, warm, amazing people and I met some true cunts. A chick contacting me saying she was helping me for free but if she is not paid that she will call me a scam. I am not politically correct to be diplomatic about it. I tell her to go fuck herself.

Many people entered in crypto expecting 2017 bull run to continue, failing to realize the long wait that led to that run. I hoped for some tradeable sideways or bull run also but I understood and taught you that bear run is as natural as taking a dip on the trampoline before the bounce.

I am with you. Us together make this channel guide you in this uncertainity and unknown of limited news. My analysts, traders, insiders are at your disposal to help you see what I see. Later, with that, the decision is yours. There are very few friends in crypto. I want to be the one.

Big banks became so cold and insensitive that I want to help in these early stages, while I still have influence to help shape the perspective of people on amazing things we can do.

If you are holding btc, with all my knowledge and available resources I believe you will be richly rewarded. Regardless of how tests will look like.

To some people its hard to understand some people are volounteers. And especially because I have premium group (how dare I not to pay for analysts and traders out of my own pocket...which by the way... now I also do!).

Satoshi was a volounteer. Yet he had the greatest btc wallet. How dares he!

focus on yourself. Bill Gates has more money than you and me together yet he started not by thinking how some Rockefeller or whoever has more, but by focusing on making something good himself. One step at a time. People can judge Windows, but they do have the option not to use it. if they say no alternative, then I say hat down Bill, good job!

You can leave this channel if you dont find it valuable. I am not arrogant, but I am also not a pussy to tap idiot on the back who tells me self-righteously about his demands from my free channel. Suggestions = welcome, demands, blackmails, insults, lies, threats... not so. Focus on yourself and take it one step at s time. You can delete me with a click of a button. Most of you I incredibly value, but those who tell that the channel is bullshit and still follow it shows me only they are idiots and they dont want to take responsibility. If I, or anyone could know twenty steps in a row of btc we could make a billion out of $10,000. I give you here pictures that help you focus and shape your decisions. To premiums I tell what to do because they want to do it and they pay for it. When I can give you a tip without the danger thet the mass following and even bigger relaying of the messages from Blockchain Whispers would change things, I always share it with you.

For example, recently premiums got flash crash limit buy orders and price points at which to buy, but I also thought of you and told you about the possibility and that you can setup low buy orders for your favorite alts so you dont miss out either.

So please, if this channel is not the #1 most valuable you follow on Telegram, please leave.

For others of you, I thank you for your support and I apologize for having to write such messages from time to time to set things clear for those self-righteous pricks.

“We want rights!” - You ha

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