A guy contacted me — a follower and said I am trying to protect or in his words "excuse" MR....


Well, I am not.

I am welcoming you all, most of you new traders, in the world of investing.

do a coin flip...you get two times tails, do you think it will continue like that?

I don't know, but I do know that 3 calls or three coin flips is not a statistical significance. He came, his first call got liquidated... I even told my premiums to do only paper trading... to see the results themselves... but I am not going to abandon my guy, or an idea, or a trade, until I reach statistical significance.

That is how you should think. I mean, the old me would get pissed at this accusation, because Mr. K is probably one of the best leverage traders in the world - he programmed the AI bot that you all liked, he is in leverage trading running parallel simulations and watching multi exchange buys, movement of usdt, volumes, charts, sentiment and everything combined...

so what if some guy would come to BCW and see one wrong call, he should decide it's a loss?

In that case, I don't want that idiot.

Why I choose to share the above with you? I wasn't pushed. I didn't have to. I shared because I wanted.

1) It is good.
2) it welcomes you to the real world.

No - in premium you will not get 100x every week, and whoever guarantees you that is either a scam or a superhuman.

We are foused on steady gains... and see — in this, worst case - if we don't count winning call that partially filled, if we don't count calls closed early but in small profits... we did over 12%... take it in ten days it is 36% in a month. And over BTC and in these times. Not bad at all.

I shared this because most channels out there show only wins, I don't want to... I had a close relationship with a group that shared 100% wins... it's not fucking sustainable... then when they had losses they didn't advertise at all and they blamed on other sources..

Guys, in the last ten days to do 10%, not on a bet but on a series of strategic calls is a good thing.

And especially if that's a bonus gig to do while we are all waiting for our super call to shine. It's very hard for us to buy it... we want it to dump so we buy it more, but the fucker is so resillient... meaning only a good thing.

So, please, don't let idiots guide you, or emotions rule you.

If you did less than 100 trades, you have no stats.
Except if you see it losing and not understanding why... in that case, stop it immediately and re-check your strategy.

Be smart. It is you against the outside world. I am helping with what I can, however, you have to do the walking... you have to do the logical analysis and figure out what makes the most sense for you.


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