A Day In Life Of Blockchain Whispers Team Each morning we wake up to BTC. Our stretch is doing...

BTC reports, all my traders do btc reports, and the tools at our disposal. Then I review them and decide which ones to share and where. As you noticed one from Mr. I is precise up to the point. The Liquidator bot in about 80% of cases or more gets the direction and in over 95% cases gets the full range (It's probably understatement, but I didn't do the stats).

My TAs do good report understandable for all, and then we start our trading day.

Because this is the Blockchain Whispers edge in bearish times.

We had maybe a week once and a couple of days on another occasion of adjustment. Rest we are succeeding in bearish times while noone else. Why?

We Take into account Bitcoin Volatility!

Yes, it takes about 10 team hours each morning, however it is important.

I will paste you now the report from Mr. I given an hour or so ago to the Premium group (@bwregisterbot ) — just notice the precision of pricepoints.

Then we go and analyse the open trades. What happened and see the news on our long term picks.

And then each starts with his day and on current tasks - Mr. X now works on monitoring the five long term calls he likes for the entry. Mr. X by the way gave us a day ago in Premium ARN call that is now in green while everything is in red.

Now, because he said it's long term, I need to be extra careful with it - so I asked Mr. Y to give me his independent opinion on those five and rank them in order.

And now I will also check short term TA on them so that when they are given they have superior odds of succeding.

And that is how a call is made in Blockchain Whispers.

At the moment we are doing the wait for you - because once it's announced, it's on.. the race is on, excitement etc. Until then we can drag it for weeks or months. Mr. X has these calls for a while now, and monitors them, because he really competes with himself and with the team to be badass.

Because competition within Blockchain Whispers he has...

There is hungry and eager, super talent Mr. C who is now working on new TA module for bearish times.

There is my secret weapon, Mr. Y — please go and re-read the ZRX recommendation I made with his analysis just recently. Read it carefully, what it says about Coinbase and ZRX — and now watch yesterday shock and awe from people when coinbase acquired 0x exchange.

Guys, we do the work. It's bigger than me. It's teamwork now. When you join Premium, you don't get a dream - you don't get 100x in two weeks. What you get is edge in crypto trading that can be powerful enough to make you more money than stocks, bonds, banks, real estate, even prostituting on the corner.

Your judgement, hard work, emotion stability is required too. You do the math, and you act only upon what makes the most sense to you. Yesterday for example I made a call to lions to move at 7868 to usdt until 7501 — however due to my recent sensitivity to stress, I cancelled the trade, however one lion decided - hey D man has something here, it's down trend, let me usdt. On his huge portfolio 300$ is big. HE did the right call. Not me. I flaked. Due to fear of stress, chest stuff, .. whatever, I flaked and that's what counts.

Please notice, trading requires to be brutal and brutally honest with yourself.

So — are you going to be if you subscribe to Premium, read our analysis, get almost daily btc updates, get news before the time, suggested calls and signals,... ahead of the curve? ABSOLUTELY!

Are you ok to just buy premium and go trade on signals, change something every once in a while as you see fit, and be late and lazy - not so sure.

If you want to take it seriously as you'd take a LOADED GUN, then the ODDS are on your side.
If you don't, well, instead of shooting the target you might end up shooting your weiner or leg.

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