A Bitcoin Lesson From A Yogi Master

Can you close your mouth and nose for a minute or two?

In that brief moment, that will suddenly seem like an eternity to you, you will realize two things:

First that you need air and second that you NEED air.

You are not alive without it.

And where is air?

is it within you? the fresh air you need...

... or is it outside?

This is the simplest demonstration of outer body experience.

That tree out there is your lungs, is what makes you breathe. 

When you are this aware, do I need to tell you not to cut the trees?

At the same time, when you're fully aware of trading, what you are doing in crypto, there are only two things that make sense:

you either support crypto

or you have an edge.


There is no fast profit option in crypto.

Fast profit is the result of that inner harmony of crypto being good for the people and people rewarding the early adopters making it more attractive to themselves.

People who are supporters of bitcoin are not losing money - they invested last year and now have something 6 times more valuable, or they invested now at 19k and they will next year have something 4 times more valuable.


There are people with an edge, people who are setting the new dynamic in crypto,

it's smart traders, let me get back to explain you the story...

last year basic trading and elementary charting made you riches.

this year, first three months advanced charting made you riches.

then the bot trading came, strong new algorithmic bot trading...

you see - new dynamic setters are making the money.

I am the dynamic setter.  I don't have the best tech nor maybe my talk about boobs is politically correct, but at this stage, crypto is leaderless, people don't have one single person to trust but me who have proven my beyond-monetary care for people.

You are the dynamic setter - because you are here in this pioneering small community of around hundred thousand followers - like a bitcoin at price of $100. 

We will grow, and obviously and naturally you will cash-in on the fact you proved support and recognized when it was a challenge to recognize who the real deal is in the ocean of tweets and greed.

The biggest, most effective a-ha moment is when you identify for yourself what is your position in crypto: is it a supporter or a dynamic setter.  There is no get-rich-speeder option.

(for those who will miss the point, I know that is not a word!)

So, there are two ways you can make money in crypto almost 99% sure...

First one is close the charts, log out of all exchanges... go work your day jobs whatever you're doing, and whenever you have some extra money, throw it in bitcoin or crypto project you believe in.

Second one is exactly the opposite, open the charts and outwork the second guy, set the dynamic to new levels.  See how I started my channel and Blockchain Whispers - I outworked, out educated, out cared every other guy by a mile... setting the new dynamic.

Luckily for you, if you choose the new dynamic road - there are so many fields you can excell in - development of coins - development of coin related services - development of people's awareness - excelling in trading....

Whatever you do, do not come in crypto to get rich without one of these two edges.

I am proud that here at Blockchain Whispers I give you an edge. Your hard work, your analysis and understanding, evolving will help you make what I give you here profitable or more profitable than the next guy, and by far more profitable than the guys still reading tweets and participating in trollboxes, believing in the next "pump".

Pumps are out. New level is in.

Noticed how people 3x-ed coin on each new listing before -- listings are out -- it's barely 30-50% nowdays, the new dynamic sets in, and its still so easy that if you take your time and honestly answer yourself to this edge-giving question here... you'll find your place.

I can already predict the future in so many places in crypto:

Bitmex will be out of crypto within 2 years.

Many US based ICO makers will be sued for any of the gazillion reasons Americans sue each other.

Crypto debit cards will exist.

Banks will rapidly start adopting crypto services.

There will be either a way to tax crypto or will start a de-taxation of the world.

Upon massive adoption of crypto there will be a hyperinflation - which is natural, taking money value from the dinosaurs that made it before, and to the new dynamic setters of this stage of civilization.

I won't go further as the further into the future you go the more of sci-fi it looks.  Yet, one day, somebody will read these predictions. Even the serious government war-level tensions will be made over crypto control and strategic assets.

Now, look back at now... and realize how many beautiful, wonderful opportunities you have just by being here, now, with us the family of Blockchain Whispers at this stage of crypto before people understand what's going on.

If you have witnessed this bitcoin and entire crypto correction this year, you know much more about crypto than people who are just about to enter.

And you know who to follow.  Soon the bull run begins, first with Bakkt some institutions will enter, then ETF and then the rest...again, you will have a chance to go back in the past and re-write your lottery ticket.

Yes, you will have a chance now to do the 500x - if you identify what somebody else won't, with the edge you already have by being here.

I will not give you the 500x edge.  But if I give you the 50x edge, you just need to be 10x more ahead, dynamic setter than the average Blockchain Whispers smart follower.

If I give you the 5x edge, I guarantee you, out of Blockchain Whispers followers, there will be a bunch of guys who will find a way to 100x that and get their 500x

Imagine having a car in crypto and getting 500 cars, that is the opportunity that you know is going to come to you.  You have a new chance now, to do it right this time. Celebrate these low periods of Bitcoin, because I remember we were hoping if we will just get 'enough time' to enter btc at 6k... or remembering guys who entered it at $100 or $500 (me).

Well they didn't enter at "pamp it", "moon", "lambo" kind of stage - they entered when they believed and others were telling them they are fools, at times just like these.

There is only 21 million btc out there.

Grab yours, and don't let it go.

There is over 6 billion people out there.

Your brother in crypto,

D Man

Blockchain Whispers


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