Bitmain officially files for IPO - New stablecoin "USD Coin" Is Now Trading - Japanese Regulators allow SBI Ripple Asia a License for Blockchain-based Payment App
Bitmain Officially Files For IPO

On Wednesday, Bitmain has officially filed an application to go public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX). The application is still in draft form and pending further listing hearings from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The final valuation of the company is unclear. A number of details remain censored, for example, the number of shares that will be offered and the exact date for the public offering. You can read the whole offering here:
Bitmain IPO application
We from BCW have summarised the key facts for you:
  • revenue until June 30 this year:  $2,845,467,000
  • profit until June 30 this year:      $1,030,151,000
  • ASIC miners sold until June 30:   2.56 million 
  • Funding rounds: Series A $50 million, Series B $292.7 million, pre-IPO $422.05 million
  • employees in 2018: 2,594 people
New Stablecoin "USD Coin" Is Now Trading

Circle Internet Financial Ltd. launched a USD-backed digital token named the “USD Coin.” The project was developed in partnership with the CENTRE affiliate consortium (which also includes Bitmain). The token will be available at Poloniex, which is owned by Circle, Huobi, OKEx, DigiFinex, CoinEx, KuCoin, Coinplug and XDAEX.
Kyber Network, IDEX and Radar Relay are partnering with Circle at the protocol level. Dharma, Origin, BlockFi, MoneyToken, Melonport, and Centrifuge announced that they will work with the stablecoin for lending, investing or payments.

Japanese Regulators Allow SBI Ripple Asia A License For Blockchain-based Payment App

SBI Ripple Asia has completed registration with the Kantou bureau of Japan's Ministry of Finance as a licensed agent for handling electronic payments on Wednesday. They are now a licensed "Electronic Settlement Agency Service Provider."
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David Chaum is back, JPMorgan's blockchain-powered cross-border payment product gains traction, BitPesa opens Remittance Corridor between Japan and Africa, Google unbans Cryptocurrency related Ads, Coinbase starts a system for listing proposals

David Chaum is back with a new Cryptocurrency

David Chaum, who created Bitcoin-precursor eCash over 30 years ago, is back and claims to have invented the fastest cryptocurrency that the world has seen up to this day. David Chaum wrote the academic paper, “Blind Signatures for Untraceable Payments,” and is one of the pioneers in the field of modern cryptography. He developed the framework for public-private key cryptography that is still widely used in Cryptocurrency and wallet technology today. His new project is called "Elixxir" and the founder claims it is capable to process hundreds of thousands of confidential, quantum-resistant transactions per second. According to Chaum, the team has developed a new way to process digital signatures, Elixxir will use one digital signature per block for each node contributing to that block. The new blockchain will be carrying out public key operations in advance, which would improve scalability and secures the network against the threat of quantum computer attacks. Blocks are produced first and filled up as transactions are recorded, this technique would reduce the processing time. This is a highly ambitious claim, but David Chaum is a person that has to be taken seriously.

The Interbank Information Network gains traction

JP Morgan's "Interbank Information System" (IIN) is a cross-border payment product that is powered by a blockchain. Over 75 Banks have signed up to test the new system, including Santander, Royal Bank of Canada and Societe Generale. The IIN is built on top of the permissioned blockchain "Quorum", which is based on Ethereum and was developed by JP Morgan.

BitPesa opens Remittance Corridor between Japan and Africa

SBI Remit will use BitPesa’s enterprise payment framework to allow 450 000 customers to send BTC to Africa. The core of this collaboration is a payment-channel between Japan and Africa.

Google unbans Cryptocurrency related Ads

Google announced that it will begin allowing cryptocurrency exchange advertisements in the U.S. and Japan for regulated trading services. This new practice starts in October. Companies that want to advertise within the Google network must be certified by Google. 

Coinbase starts a system for listing proposals

Coinbase announced Tuesday that the company will implement a new system that makes it possible for everyone to submit a cryptocurrency through an online form for evaluation under the company's digital asset framework. If an asset meets the criteria it may be listed. But not worldwide, instead a listing will be done on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis.

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Our Public Short Target Reached (I hope you followed)
Our Public Short Target Reached (I hope you followed)

Just a quick recap of history: Daddy told you to enter short at the very top of this timeframe. We booked profit through Sicario free public bitmex calls three times in these two days.


Sometimes it's impossible to give enough warnings for a person to listen.

Same happened in January when everyone was bullish, I announced USD, nobody listened.

Only the second time some started...


... by the fifth time it's usually late.


A week or so ago I told you bitcoin is bearish.  It dipped making fast gains on short and it retraced a bit scaring you off... you can NOT trade on a hourly timeframe - it doesn't go only in one direction. It goes down then it goes up it moves in direction of strength, so that one move is stronger than another move but there are both moves, not just up or down.

I told you yesterday that bitcoin is weak.

Here, I have the most accurate trader I could find for you guys to give you calls for free (this is his last call for free)

To help you in these bearish messed up times.

I told you screw Twitter guys. They all are born in 2017. times - when your dog could pick a coin and make wins.

I highly suspect that whales are now getting you rekt by manipulating shorts vs longs too... as many people started trading based on that -- yes, shorts are overwhelming now and yet we are going down. :)

It's not a problem to make a mistake.  It's a goal to adapt FAST.

Thank you for following me.  I had an adaptation to make as July was a game I needed to find ANYONE capable of trading during those times.  Luckily Bitmex Sicario seems to have an Edge.  To pay full respect there are great in puts from Cartel B, Cartel H guys... really top notch stuff.  I have also high belief in Hellfire although you got one and I got two not completely accurate calls.

It is not one trade that defines us.  We must evolve if we want any shoot at profiting now that the whales have arrived in this space.

Sticking together, knowing who to listen to... and who not to... is the first step.

If you followed, I am happy for your success and hope to continue it in Premium



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Bitcoin's newly discovered bug, Gemini expands their operation, zk-SNARKS are the new sclaing hope for Ethereum

The Bitcoin software bug that was discovered last week was worse than expected

The bug, who goes by the name CVE-2018-17144, could have been exploited to shut down large parts of the network and, even worse, inflate BTC beyond the 21- million limit. The core developers decided to keep the second part a secret until the loophole is closed. The software is fixed now and more than half of BTC's hashrate has upgraded to the new software, so the vulnerability cannot be exploited anymore. 

If the bug would have been exploited, nodes running the new software, 0.16.3, would detect the problem immediately. Because they double-check every transaction in Bitcoin's history when they are initiated for the first time.

This reminds me of the "value overflow incident" in 2010 where 187 billion bitcoins were created out of thin air. But the code was fixed quickly and the fake Bitcoins were destroyed. John Newbery, a Core dev who is responsible for checking the Bitcoin codebase, claimed responsibility for the network bug. The Bitcoin Core developers once again delivered outstanding work by handling this situation quickly and safely.

Crypto-exchange Gemini plans to enter the UK-market

The US-based trading platform is looking for ways to expand their operation and enter UK-markets. Rumors are saying that Gemini already filed an application with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which is the UK's financial regulations entity. 

Vitalik Buterin claims that Ethereum could scale to 500 transactions a second with zk-SNARKS

zk-SNARKS is a cryptographic technique that allows for large batches of information to be compressed into so-called succinct proofs, these proofs remain the same size regardless of the amount of inputs. The technique was initially developed by the ZCash-team, and the Ethereum team is planning to incorporate it into the Ethereum blockchain. 
Buterin said: "We can actually scale asset transfer transactions on Ethereum by a huge amount, without using layer 2s that introduce liveness assumptions (eg. channels, plasma), by using zk-SNARKs to mass-validate transactions."


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And Yet Another Win By Sicario 16% Profit (All Here And FREE). Only One Loss.

Bookmark this link:

Sicario came back to give you last two trades in free as he didn't want to leave you with a losing trade.  

Go check the "last trades" and see his wins.

Note there are two Cartel B trades and one Hellfire, that was due to coding issues posted in Sicario name but labelled properly in the commentary.

Thank you for following, I hope this all continues and makes you a bunch of nice gains.



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Sicario Does It Again - 9.52% profit

He has only one missed call (and that one was our stop being chased by Bitmex due to buy power).

He said he will give calls to Premiums only, but when we had a weak start by Hellfire (partially due to my wrong entry understanding)... Sicario came back to give us another fast profit entry in this mostly sideways Sunday.

Thank you S, keep it rocking!
Congrats guys who participated and followed.

Sunday Satoshi :)

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How To Get Rich If You Don't Have Money
How To Get Rich If You Don't Have Money

Dear friend and loyal follower,

It is such bliss for me when I see you happy.  The find of Sicario, after streak of mediocre-at-best traders, brought back that life and glory you know Blockchain Whispers for.

Sicario made it's demo calls in a free group and made us over 100% gains.  I am glad there were stoppages, so you see that in crypto, even with the right direction, with the right everything, a sudden things might happen (like very near the target, a $500 candle starts pumping and Bitmex puts it's system overload sign and goes to fill their piggy bank with your blood and sweat money).

This brings us back to the focus on odds not all-in per trade.  If you go all in in each trade, you are risking it big time.  And even if you are more accurate than a slightly-above-average trader, you will still lose when your unlucky bitmex moment comes.

Let's repeat profitable history!

Sicario came, you saw the calls, if you followed you did 50%-150% in gains... depending on leverage and your own personal strategy.

The last call was a perfect lesson, basically Sicario was profitable even when top 'celebrity' traders are wrong, and it got us great deal of popularity.  With popularity came greed, and witty folks who forced you to evolve.

At the beginning days of Sicario calls you could simply just put target in, and voila - target hit, go jerk off.

Yesterday, our target was 'missed' by $1.

Yup, $1.

And I marked the call as a win.  Why?  Did I suddenly became not precise?

The call is a win because this miss and the movement changed BECAUSE OF us.

Sicario followers decided: "hey if he is so accurate, I will put $1 early so that I close before the others."


The moment it happened, Sicario said: "the calls can no longer be public". So from now on you can get Sicario calls only in Premium (contact @xantisofia on Telegram if interested).

Sicario is not like me, that they will sweat it and fight it and take the heat on myself. My older followers remember, our first failed short after such a big winning streak.  It simply happened, when others without imagination but aggressive, merciless approach go to counter trade you.

Yes, sure, every time we win we take someone else's gains, however there's the right way and there's the wrong way - if I give something for free to help people and you set your take profit at $1 early, it's like me putting a bucket of money in Africa with a sign "take what you need", and you coming and take it all in front of hungry people and saying: "fuck it, I'm buying Rolex".

For you, however, this doesn't mean that you should feel sorry for yourself, instead you should choose to evolve.

How you evolve, I'll show you here:

Say a call is from 6300 to 6100 short.
You put at 6200 some 20% take profit.  You put at 6150, 6125, 6100.  So literrary you don't give a fuck if your 6100 thing doesn't fulfill... and also you keep on adjusting stops - when somewhere like halfway there to the goal, you put stop at your entry, so you get yourself a guaranteed profit.

You see evolution.  And to further your evolution, here's a mindset that will help you get rid of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out):


There Will ALWAYS Be Opportunities
But Sicario closed it's free calls, my life is now miserable and over..." - you start weeping.
Proof and point, worry not - now if you (most important:) learned from this lesson, the new opportunity comes in...


Bitmex Leaderboard Mr. Hellfire Strikes In!
There is no one on the planet who can tell you he or she is a better expert on bitmex (besides maybe the bitmex insiders) than the guy who has most notional gains on Bitmex.

He must know something, something better, more powerful than any of those arrogant, twitter 'celebrities' claim they do.

Now, you will get another round, series of calls, that you must use your new learnt lesson if you wish to profit.

And be ready to keep on evolving, because by the time this series is finished, maybe we end with another lesson, maybe some idiot will try to counter trade us, or something new will happen - thus, eyes open, right portfolio management, no fomo, and smart trading.

"So D, how do I get rich?"

You just did.  By evolving and adapting, you are now ready for series of Mr. Hellfire calls, that you will know how to profit from and those who didn't read this, will make a series of mistakes.

When you are in trade, be actively monitoring it, adapting, and listening only to yourself. Not to your fear. Not to your gambly feeling, but to yourself.  Locking in profits on the way in the right direction - and if you realize that in EVERY SINGLE CALL Sicario had the right direction... you are ready to do even better in the next round with Mr. Hellfire.

You have now an opportunity to do it all over again. To do it even better.  It will not cost you anything to get prime-level info.  The calls will be simple in the same format of Sicario to mask the method of trading that makes Mr. Hellfire the very top.  However, rest assured if you read this article again, properly and carefully, you have everything you need to reap-in the benefits, rewards and fast-track-to-riches with the new series of bitmex calls that will be published here.

There are those who are ready to succeed over dead bodies... and there are those who take others on their road to riches.

I choose to take you with me, to get rich, to make shitload of money in crypto by helping you get there.  Yes, it cost me my entire crypto savings to get to the point where I have these traders (and most ironically these, best traders don't even want my money).. however it also motivated me to get where I am now.  I will give you an opportunity, it's yours to take it.  

A new series of calls is to follow, be ready.  Also be ready to join premium if at the end of the series you, with your own eyes, not with anyone telling you otherwise, you decide it makes sense for you and that it is more EXPENSIVE not to be in premium, than to invest in the best guardian loving big brother you can get in crypto.

For Love, Success, and Big Boob Petite Natashas,


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Sicario had the first losing call!

Bitmex is a scam #202.  Now the article goes around how bitmex trades against it's people.  Blockchain Whispers warned you first about their ways of scam: 1) system overload crap which they intentionally keep as it goes into their fund when people are liquidated 2) internal bots that trade 3) reported problems for big gainers about them closing accounts etc.

Sicario's call went perfectly well, reached 6090 (my t1), but it knew many set the close at 6000... so it went to not fulfill the closes and to go for stoppages at 6500.  All in ONE candle during which it was all time system overload so you couldn't trade, cancel your trades etc.

Stop is a stop and we announced it. -14.7%

We have a small tech glitch with total profit, system is currently adding it so we have to fix it soon.



Love you,


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D Man's Warning On BTC in the following 1-2 weeks

Dear friend,

I can't hold it anymore...

Remember early January?  When bitcoin was super hyped up, and my early warning, when everyone thought I was a fool - to get out of the market.

I became famous (or infamous) as I did 11 accurate bitcoin predictions in a row, with only the 6k prediction taking longer than expected (and ironically here we are at six for longer than anyone expected).

Today I have a new prediction to make, Sicario followers know it already, and this time my decision is made with great help of the amazing team I seem to have now (thanks to you and motivating me on my quest).

There are really big odds, and I mean really big, of the bitcoin going to... (now please don't shit your pants):






and even this one 4500 (depending on the speed of the dump we might never see this level, or we might see it for brief moments).


Bitcoin is not bullish, and intentionally I will post it now, during the most bullish move of the week (expectation of futures settlement at 6530 and stuff)... risking to sound crazy, because in 1-2 weeks it looks so bearish.

You might even consider going to usdt or tusd for a while and reentering on a dip if that is your game - because now, for the first time in big time, bitcoin is at risky ground... and the risky ground is not this.  The risky ground is what might happen around 64xx levels. 80% nothing. 20%...


This is Blokchain Whispers, and you have my early warning (again).

At no cost. With best intentions.


Disclaimer: you trade at your own risk.  Use my track record, and your opinion on my btc skills at this moment to help you make your own decision.  The current price is 6330, I think it goes down within the next 10 days or so.

Thanks Sicario for the amazing input.

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Broken Cup And Handle Lol

And there I am, enjoying myself how I see the cup and handle in the making on 2 hrs...

bam, on 1 hr it appears too, this is golden, I'll enter now a bit and a bit more on the breakout, preparing stops, everything...


And then I come excited telling Sicario, did you see cup and handle, and they say: "we are going down.  CNBC announced bitcoin is bullish"... 

And I'm like, fuck.


Can CNBC be that wrong?

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Bitmex Sicario Cartel Does It Again! Fifth Victory In A Row, Over 118% profit

The call is still active, trade after trade, Sicario shows us a great sign that it has an edge.

This Bitmex Trade is still on.

HellFire had the same call just a bit more complex, the first part of Mr. Hellfire's call already played out perfectly.

Since Bitmex Sicario gave me the call first, I count it as theirs.  Also, I have to check with Mr. Hellfire if it is ok to be sharing his stuff and when (respect breeds respect).

Sicario got us in the trade at 6400-6180, premiums entered at 6210.


Good days ahead.  Remember, portfolio management is important, setting stop losses and trading with an edge.  Our position calculator can help you calculate the right portfolio size to enter the trade, go through the checklist to not miss the right setup and we go from there.


Once you are ready to become our Premium member, contact @xantisofia on Telegram.

We will soon move Premiums to the new interface and share a 20x call (the alt with high chance of doing 20x), the only call this year with such possibility besides pundi that we have... is this one.

A hold is up to 8 months, however, the strength of this alt should make you confident in holding it. Contact Xanti if interested.


P.S. I was about to post this, searching for images of hot strippers, questioning myself should I post this or would it insult the sensitive of you... and then I read in our free chat room (here in menu select chat - free chat) a message from a member: "i really appreciate the updates! im in profit for the first time on a bitmex trade!" 


This makes me glad to be doing what I'm doing because at Bitmex, the small trader is in heavy disadvantage... now together, we kick their asses!

Thank you for following.

Thank you Bitmex Sicario for being fucking amazing!

Thank you Mr. Hellfire for giving confidence in this trade.


Blockchain Whispers


(next time you get images of strippers, it's healthy for us traders!)

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Announcing: Hellfire... The Godfather Of Bitmex
Announcing: Hellfire... The Godfather Of Bitmex

Today, is an unbelievable fortune, privilege and luck that I got (and with me all you the followers of Blockchain Whispers).

You already love Bitmex Sicario Cartel and their super-accuracy.

You tell me stories about waking in the night not to miss Sicario's calls.


Now, what if I told you, there is one person Sicario admires...

... one person that rules the very top of Bitmex Leaderboard!


Announcing: Mr. Hellfire!

When I got in touch with Mr. Hellfire, he said he likes my work and what I am trying to do.  He didn't want to accept ANY payment and said: "you cannot pay me".  And it is true, just see the nominal gains of Bitmex Leaderboard guys, and who knows if that's the only account he has.

He doesn't trade on Bitmex only, that's also for sure.

So sure, I couldn't pay him enough... yet!


He asked me what my dream is, and I answered immediately: "To have the most accurate signaling group on the planet.  That pro traders have a choice they either follow Blockchain Whispers or they lose".

Now we have Bitmex Sicario Cartel And Mr. Hellfire among with our traders, many friends,... I don't see anyone better than us to rule Bitmex and understand where the BTC is going.

The calls of Bitmex Leaderboard Mr. Hellfire you can follow at when they happen.

Very exciting times ahead for Blockchain Whispers baby!

Thank you for following, 


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The HUGE Move Upcoming (Sicario Warns!)
The HUGE Move Upcoming (Sicario Warns!)

All-Accurate Sicario Warns us of the great move ahead.

This call I have to keep for my premiums only (if you wish to join premium contact @xantisofia on Telegram)

I am writing here, not to talk about the move, but to warn you, if you have some questionable alts - that it might be a good idea to go to something stronger.

As you see, even when I have to attend to my Premium members who are making this all happen, I always want to be here for you to prevent you from losing more than avoidable, and gaining more than obvious.

Huge move upcoming (and it can go in ladders, but it's badass!)

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After The Rain Comes The Sun (And Our Tezos Gains!)
After The Rain Comes The Sun (And Our Tezos Gains!)

Our Premium
members got Tezos very early, before this last phase of Bitcoin started...

then here, publicly, free members got it.  And it was inactive and slowly dipping, and people were like "does that D man know what he talks about"... 

the same scenario repeated with Pundi... it dipped and a long hold.

The same scenario repeated with Ziliqa it dipped the following week.


And they all won!


If investing would be easy, then we would have no edge!

Today our Tezos is top gainer on bigger market cap coins (top 100) and this is just the beginning.

I saved you from holding alts that dipped a bunch and shitcoins that headed to rock bottom.

I warned you of ETH when it was still high.

You must learn, investing is the game of odds.. I don't always warn you on time, and sometimes I lose, even have a losing streak... but if you put a track record together, then you know how much more sense it has to follow me and have me in your corner than being alone in this game.


Be aware of the "Horoscope readers" as I call them - guys who don't give clear signals and claim victory whenever something happens, like: "bitcoin could go up if it goes here or down, or sideways".. that is bullshit guys.

I got so many followers by being direct.  Even though you might not like my talk about strippers with big boobs... you at least respect me because you know I'm honest and legit.


This message is to say that patience pays off.  This is one of at least 5-6 tezos pumps that should happen in the following months.  And of course if bitcoin dips, it will dip too.. but then it will recover as you're seeing today.. with a vengeance.


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An Unlisted Win For Sicario!

For the first time I experienced something scary accurate

When I was getting that compliment in my bitcoin prognosis I thought it was just a symbolic word.

Now I experienced it for another trader.

Cartel B made a short scalp call, and Bitmex Sicario Cartel contacted me and said: "we didn't announce a trade, but really you shouldn't short here, it is going up".

I was like, are you sure.

They said yes and I canceled the call of Cartel B at my own risk of them being angry at me.

The Sicario Cartel told me 10 hours ago (and luckily, you have it in one of the posts I wrote 10 hrs ago!)... that within ten hours the bitcoin will make a move - and 9 hrs 45 minutes later, it did!

Now this is what I call scary accurate!

Their long call got just premiums like 3 minutes before the big green dildo.  I have to give premiums something special... so now they are happy: got sky (made 17% easy), got this btc, things going bullish...


Thank you for following,


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For The Third Day Of Red Sea We Are In The Green Being Among Binance Top Gainers!

First, about the btc - it has 10 hours and it will move -- this sideways is over according to our Bitmex Sicario Cartel friends

Second, our Premium members followed Sicario alt call... I was reluctant to even tell them about buying an alt in this phase in crypto... but since Sicario has so great track record, we did it...

... the third day among top three gainers in binance.

Make sure you read this.  Made a video, time to take action and buy is when there is blood on the streets.



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