An Official Statement From Blockchain Whispers Regarding Tether, Coinbase, Bitfinex... and the wicks

Tether is in danger.  Tether being in danger is could be dangerous for the entire market.

My recommendation is if you are in crypto with borrowed money, to ask yourself it you can hold for a long time, if not... you know what is the right thing to do... this is volatile, coinbase vs binance difference is $600+



It's not a secret.

Strong wicks up are done based on a BAD news... it can hardly be bullish... but it CAN be.  We have to see how this plays out. Some interesting times ahead.

Personally, whenever in doubt, I rather go wrong with bitcoin than with tether. as long term I believe in Bitcoin and I don't believe in tether.



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Bitfinex Reopens Fiat-Deposits and Withdrawals - Ethereum's Next Protocol Upgrade is Coming - Bithump DEX Launched

Bitfinex Reopens Fiat-Deposits and Withdrawals

Bifinex issued a statement today:
On Thursday, October 11th 2018, Bitfinex decided to temporarily pause fiat deposits (USD, GBP, EUR, JPY) for certain customer accounts in the face of processing complications. Whilst acting as an inconvenience for certain users, it is important for us to clarify that:
All cryptocurrency and fiat withdrawals are, and have been, processing as usual without the slightest interference;
All fiat (USD, GBP, JPY, EUR) withdrawals are processing, and have been, as usual;
Fiat deposits have been temporarily paused for certain user groups.
We are working to implement a new and increasingly robust fiat deposit system to be available in the next 24 hours, by Tuesday, October 16, 2018, to allow for the efficient processing of fiat deposits. Until then, we apologise for the inconvenience of the situation.
- source: Bitfinex offical

Ethereum's Next Protocol Upgrade is Coming

Ethereum's next hard fork, Constantinople, is on track to be launched 1 month after Devcon. The final step of the third stage of Ethereum, Metropolis, includes controversial changes like the reduction in mining rewards for each block of transactions among other improvements.

Bithump DEX Launched

Bihumb, which is Korea's biggest Crypto Exchange, launched its Decentralized Exchange (DEX) at 2 pm (UTC+8).
Currently, ten ETH trading pairs are available, including POA20, OMG, KNC, ELF, ZIL, WTC. The DEX can be accessed with Metamask. More trading pairs and a mobile App are expected to launch soon. 

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Thank you Bloggers, Media, Fuck.. here are a lot of good people!

I just saw on one coin site published review about blockchain whispers - not those scammy shit reviews that promote some affiliate links and talk shit about everything else, but they wrote good about us, no affiliate links, pure love.


Only to find one chick wrote on medium an excellent review.  She complained about my writing style, but was honest enough to share love for the accuracy, and she documented our calls and journey even better than I'm able to.


Wanted to take a moment and than you all good people whom I didn't have a chance to, guys telling their friends about me, guys posting on their social media.  I am currently not investing anything in marketing as I am giving my premium members no-expiration period in these bear times until the bitcoin reaches $10,000 or we make good gains (at least 200% from big size portfolio calls), so the money I spend on keeping this community accurate and evolving, developing amazing things which you love and benefit the crypto.  

Now wish me luck with the coders today, as I wrote a detailed-ass plan on what's needed, new features that will help you predict pretty much ANY coin how big impact it has on price AS IT HAPPENS... with 90%+ accuracy.

But right now I'm at the mercy of the coders, for whom I hope will be fast, faster than usual, as you know, some people can date a chick forever before sleeping with her,... while... well, some are not as patient.

So here's for my developers to develop a stripper-like behavior and do it fast!

Thanks good people!



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bZx Protocol (BZRX) Formerly Known As B0x Review, Analysis And Prediction (VERY RARE GEM in 2018)

bZx (BZRX) Marketcap: $8.2MM (@$225/ETH) or 36,500 ETH
ETH per BZRX: .000073 ETH = 1 BZRX 
Circulating supply: ~530,000,000 BZRX
Total supply: ~1 030 000 000 BZRX

Value Proposition:

The bZx protocol is an open protocol for decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain, it facilitates peer-to-peer margin lending, shorting, and leverage of ERC20 tokens. This is not a decentralized exchange! It is a protocol to build a decentralized exchange on top. The token is used secondary for paying fees and primary as governance mechanism for protocol upgrades. The potential for decentralized exchanges is huge, do not think about normal exchanges. The bZx protocol fits into the existing 0x-relay infrastructure and can be just as big as 0x if not bigger because of their token model which has a sink in the form of the guarantee fund. The derivatives markets are massive and literally every person in the ecosystem can benefit from extracting the time value of their money. There are already groups working to build on top of the bZx protocol. This protocol will be part of the emerging security token stack, which is one of the most valuable coming applications. The team has built deep connections across the ecosystem including 0x, Augur, Maker, KyberNetwork, MelonPort, Coinbase. They are currently being integrated by +6 relays including Starbit, SharkRelay, Amadeus, BambooRelay, OpenRelay, and Instex. They are engaged in talks with RadarRelay to integrate the protocol. The protocol is also integrated with KyberNetwork and serves as a liquidity bridge between the 0x and KyberNetwork ecosystems. They are already live at BambooRelay now.

Coinbase Listing, Coinbase Integration, Goldman Sachs, Augur, Maker, Melonport, ETHLend, The Ocean, district0x, WhaleLend, ChainLink connection:

I observed several points that led me to the conclusion that bZx will be listed at Coinbase and used as an underlying protocol for their ERC20 margin-trading operation:

1. the BZRX token is fully compliant with the requirements for new listings that GDAX published and follows the ZRX token model
2. Coinbase would profit from having a "cheap token" listed. An asset that is priced under 10$
3. The BZRX team has reported being in contact with Ron Bernstein of Paradex/Coinbase and on the "integration hot list".
4. The BZRX token is one of the few fully functional and useful tokens on the market

The team has privately revealed that they have talked extensively to Joey Krug, and that he would like the protocol to be integrated with the Augur UI much like Airswap. I have seen documented communications evidencing that Joey Krug believes their protocol to be superior to the competition (e.g., dYdX). In the coming weeks they will be going live with Augur integration on the testnet. Joey Krug recently retweeted this. The protocol will be used to support margin trading for Augur scalar markets. The Ocean X (built on 0x) has ties to Goldmans Sachs, which aims to open a cryptocurrency trading desk at Wall Street in the coming months. They are in talks to use bZx for their relay. Melonport intends to use the protocol to allow its asset managers to go leveraged short and long in the coming months. They have a partnership with MakerDAO and their upcoming margin loan tokens will be considered as collateral for multi-collateral CDPs. These margin loan tokens could form the backbone of the Maker stablecoin infrastructure as they will allow you to profit on your cryptos even as they are locked up in CDPs. This alone is massive if you can imagine every single CDP being collateralized using tokens minted from their protocol. They have a similar partnership with ETHLend as margin loan tokens has application to any protocol that requires collateral, and the ETHLend CEO Stani Kulechov is on their board of advisors. Alexander Khoriaty of district0x is also one of their advisors, hinting at a possibility of a future district0x partnership. They are currently in talks with district0x for their oracle marketplace to become the next district0x district. They've announced partnerships with liquidity providers like WhaleLend which will seed the protocol with millions in loan liquidity. Sergey Nazarov recently contacted the team to initiate a partnership between bZx and ChainLink. Wyre and BBOD have also reached out to form partnerships. Future integrations with Totle, Fetch, Airswap, and Bancor are reported to be down the line. 

Market Prediction:

I expect that much like ZRX, the token will get listings on many exchanges due to its utility. Likely x3 depending on market sentiment. The long-term prospects of the token are huge due to the novel token model. The token acts a lot like ZRX, but the design of the protocol allows for a token sink in the form of the guarantee fund. Lender assets are protected by a passive, pragmatically controlled fund that slowly accumulates a small amount of fees earned on interest. That fund will eventually be diversified into ETH and BZRX token, causing the fund to act as a sink. This is a major advancement on the ZRX token model which only accrues value through being a medium of exchange and governance mechanism, both of which are far worse at accruing value compared to a genuine token sink.

You can get it through this link with a special bonus:

You can get it now as they are pegging it to eth at fixed value and just a fraction of tokens is left at pre-sale price. My Premium members got this wonderful opportunity, and now if you are VERY fast, you can get the bonuses too as 94.6% is sold out at the moment, only a couple hundred ETH left at this discount level.

I got you this opportunity after months of watching, communication, getting us this deal... I believe from the text above you can conclude why it's a smart and potentially really really lucrative investment.  Especially now while everything is down and knowing their team will launch on exchanges once the bull run begins.

I waited for new system to post this to premiums, we almost ATE their entire pre-sale cap ourselves. Now, I want to give you a chance, very time-sensitive chance because they are near the cap at this high bonus pre-sale round.

The link is here to get some: 
(You will need to have Chrome extension Metamask or Ledger Wallet to make the investment. If in problems contact @xantisofia on Telegram and she will help you)


In summary: this token allows peer to peer lending of eth-based coins, imagine systems that don't relay on bitmex bullshit, but lending is done on blockchain - your tokens locked, you are making profit off of lending, someone trades at a leverage, no risk for lender, greater liquidity.  This is not an exchange, this is a platform which exchanges can use to work - and trading blockchain assets on blockchain makes a bunch of sense.  Especially since it's solving the need for Bitmex or any other potentially manipulative trading platform.  This is the next gen in my opinion. 

If you want in, I advise you to get it now because there is very few pre-sale spots remaining and it's stupid to miss the bonus we are getting.  And the more tokens we control, the better the price will be ;)

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In Less Than Two Hours, You Get A Freebie That Can Make You Rich

Dear friend and follower of Blockchain Whispers,

After having an edge in analysis, after going through many projects this year, I have identified what is probably The Most Profitable, Overlooked, Sky-High Gain Potential ICO In 2018!

No investment limits (no minimum investment for you), it is bought in ETH.

I advise you to prepare some as in one hour and 40 minutes I will announce this ICO for you to review.

I will announce it on so

When this countdown reaches ZERO, go and see and refresh:


You will get a sneak-peek into what I got for our premiums.  They had time to invest. You won't, as 94.3% of the ICO is bought at this bonus already and for this pre-sale to finish, you will probably have only hour(s)

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They Laughed At Us When We Made The Short Prediction Against The Trend, ThenThey Saw The Charts Moving...


Only Blockchain Whispers followers were shorting.  

Free followers followed (and questioned gazillion times) the Sicario short which you can find any time when you go to tools and click Bitmex position calculator on this site. 

61.72% profit in pocket of those who followed.

Premiums members had their entire btc position in usdt. 

It got scary close to bullish at times. I informed move stop not wider but tighter as informed by really good, accurate Sicario Cartel to 6690 on Bitmex or 6720 approx on binance and said we are bearish until its broken.  and bam!  we dipped as predicted. 

You must note this move was against everybody.  Twitter, other experts, everyone. We, Blockchain Whispers, a couple really big whale insiders and of course the infamous Sicario Cartel.  

I am proud if this not because of me, but for you. 

I want to see you achieve your dreams and for me to know I was part of it.  

I instructed premiums now to switch their usdt position for tusd as at the moment, usdt is risky due ti Bitfinex stuff. 

Our new signal delivery system is working now so you can join and hop onboard directly from this web just click signals, take care of the membership and see you inside. 

If you can’t join howver, worry not, I will do my best to inform you here of critical bitcoin moves which me and my team manage to successfully predict. 


So proud of this, as I bet with a couple of experts who laughed at us for being short.  Sicario Cartel truly has an edge. Thank you for following.

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Blockstream's First Bitcoin Sidechain is Live - Horizen Proposes Solution to Prevent 51%-Attacks - The Bitfinex Situation
Blockstream's First Bitcoin Sidechain is Live 

Bitcoin's first Sidechain launched today, after three years in the making. It goes by the name of "Liquid" and is developed by Blockstream. The Liquid Network is designed to provide fast, secure, and confidential transactions to address the needs of exchanges, brokers, market makers, and financial institutions around the world. According to Blockstream, the Sidechain offers the following features:
  • Liquid’s native Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) asset is backed by a two-way peg to Bitcoin (BTC) and can be redeemed at any time, providing institutions and end users with a secure and rapid way to transfer bitcoin between members with full settlement in two minutes.
  • Liquid’s Issued Assets brings bitcoin-like features to traditional assets, such as tokenized fiat, digital reward points, and attested assets (e.g. gold coins), removing the need for dedicated blockchains or wallet software.
  • Blockstream’s Confidential Transaction technology ensures that the amount and asset type transferred are known only to the transacting parties, enhancing the privacy of both L-BTC and Issued Asset transactions.

Today, the network was opened for all of Blockstream's partners (including Bitfinex and BitMEX) to use for real transactions. Hardware wallet providers Ledger and Trezor have stated plans to adopt the technology soon.
This development marks a turning point in the history of tokenization and token-issuance and things like this will cement Bitcoin's status as the King and will make Ethereum obsolete.

Horizen Proposes Solution to Prevent 51%-Attacks 

The team behind cryptocurrency project Horizen, formerly known as "zencash", saw more than $500,000 hacked from an exchange in a 51 percent attack earlier this year. Now, their team came up with a solution to prevent this attacks in the future.  A 51 percent attack can occur when a single entity controls the majority of hashpower of a specific digital currency, hence it requires a miner to produce blocks in secret before posting them to the blockchain. The solution is updating their proof-of-work consensus algorithm with a so-called "delay function" that penalizes miners that could be preparing for such an attack.

The Bitfinex Situation

Bitfinex has troubles with fiat-deposits and -withdrawals. There are ongoing rumors about Bitfinex being insolvent, I personally don't believe this, I think they have problems with banking, they lost banking partnerships several times in the past. The real problem could be Tether, the well-known stablecoin is issued by the people behind Bitfinex. They tried to hide it from the public, but the Panama Papers revealed that connection. Additionally, there are dubious surroundings about Brock Pierce, the creator of Tether, AND the owner of Noble Bank, which is the bank where the USD-reserves that back USDT are stored. 
Today, the discrepancy between BTC/USD and BTC/USDT trading-pairs exceeded 200$, which is a sign of very high volatility. 
If Tether goes down, we all are in big trouble. I personally advise to avoid USDT for now and move to alternative stablecoins like TrueUSD or USDC (This is a personal opinion of Mr.Y and does not represent BCW as a whole!).

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Ask What You Can Do For Your Neighbour, Not What Your Neighbour Can Do To You :)

Brother, fellow crypto supporter,

In our effort, my, my team's, heck, around Blockchain Whispers there are so many amazing people, volounteers which are not working for me, they are volounteering because they see me busting my ass working like a dog to make something amazing for crypto, and see us the people, and not the fatcat banks succeed.

My admins, heck even for a long time, whenever I meet a top trader, that's out of my budget, and he knows it's for Blockchain Whispers, he wants nothing, he just has a privilege to jump on board or to participate in the making of what we are making here.

It means a lot to me.

Now, you have an opportunity to do something for your neighbour.

My team is in the process of making a series of videos about crypto, from elementary stuff to really advanced stuff... from what is blockchain to how to trade blocks, charting, and scalping.

These first two videos are for your neighbour, as you probably know these basics, however, I do advise you to watch it, because understanding the foundation is the basics of everything... 

Mike Tyson first learned how to punch, in order to learn combinations, movements and all. 

This is your How To Punch VIDEO:  << 7 Things You Must Know Before Entering The World Of Cryptocurrencies

Share this with your neighbour.  Watch it yourself, and follow, because with each subsequent video, comes more advanced topic that adds on to the previous.


And share this one:  << Basic trading knowlede

So now if you have someone asking you what is crypto, what is trading, show him this video... who knows, maybe he pays you a commission to help him out or trade, and it becomes a win win.

At the end of the day, even if he pays you nothing, more people in crypto means, higher the price, and higher benefit for you the early adopter.

Really, share these two videos on your social media, send to your friends, my plan is to cover everything you need to know from the beginner to being a profitable trader.



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Market Still Bearish

Our Tight Stop at 6690 (6720 Binance) hasn't been reached, meaning we are still in our very bearish channel.

Now, you can get access to premium through this website, click simply on the "signals" tab above on this page and you can automatically enroll.

Inside if you join today you will find why after almost six months of no ICOs, I have recommended one ICO that:

  • Has a very small pre-sale allocation made for Blockchain Whispers followers with extra tokens granted.
  • Has (listen now) partnerships in progress and forming and open communication and endorsements from: Coinbase, Augur, ties to Goldmans Sachs, Melonport, MakerDAO, ETHLend, district0x, Chainlink,...
  • Joey Krug believes their protocol to be superior to the competition, 
  • it's working!

And all this while in ico phase and market cap of UNDER 8 mil.

Now, compare that with shitty icos that got over 100 mil without working product, partnerships or anything else + we get a special link and our edge.

You will also find one big cap coin posted today that should do easy 10%-15% in the following days.

And soon, when the moment is right you will find the only coind besides pundi, that I believe will do 20x that is a good buy this year.

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Bitcoin decisive moment

If Bitcoin shows strength at these 6600 levels we will become bullish on bitcoin. Will update you. Just wanted to give a heads up.

Bitcoin is still bearish until 6690 broken, although very near the point of breaking it-- is it the ultimate test or the reversal, we will know soon.

I might not update you on time, so if it breaks 6690, you know we are bullish.  Cheers!

(it's on Bitmex chart -- so around 6720 on Binance)

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In The Making Of Glory...

How can you respect a pussy-like undecisive men?

The glory is not for everyone.

Twitter guys want to be celebrities, they pretty much ALL go long... and yet BEFORE it happens, they are weak to make a strong, bold prediction... YET they are the LOUDEST AFTER THE FACT.

It's easy to be general after the battle.  

Very few can react during the battle.

Why do you think people respect me?

Surely not because I write politically correct.

It's because you feel my integrity.

You know exactly where I stand for.  I strive for accuracy. When I get down, I rise up even stronger, now we have traders with an edge... and I let you, my followers benefit from it, publicly, you can see the stats.

Within 8 hrs we expect a dip to 64xx area.

Compare that with twitter "maybe up if bulls this, we see resistance here and there".


Yours one and only,


Blockchain Whispers Baby

Oh yes - the updates follow here:

And by the way some guys ask me do I have a telegram channel now, I don't.  I am partnering in @blockchainwhispersbaby channel so you can follow it as there you can see some top fundamental news BEFORE published on Cointelegraph, Coindesk and such.  Not always, but executive-friendly format is definitely worthy of following.  Cheers!  5660 btc price now.


P.S. Not saying I can't be wrong, I say just that more of the trading leaders need to start talking clearly, so if they want you to follow them, that you also understand them.

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Money For Everyone, Chicks For Me!
Money For Everyone, Chicks For Me!

Our Premium
members booked yesterday easy 28% profit on top of the safe play of expecting the btc fall.

Our Free members are in an open short following Bitmex Sicario Cartel call here.

And you?

If you are waiting for something, you have no other excuse.

Frequent Excuses

Excuse: 'But I don't have money for premium'

D answers: 'you have a FREE, fucking FREE help from me every once in a while, in one form or another'

Excuse: I don't know how good you are

D answers: why don't you start by PAPER TRADING (trade on paper, without real money) - the only reason not to do this is you are too lazy about your profit and success... and in that case, I can't help you - go join others who jerk off on hot chicks, daydreaming lambos and calling D man a scam... just because it's too good for what they are ready.

Excuse: I feel when I start trading I'll lose.

D answers: I feel that too - it's just a test of how good you learned your lesson - if you come with right portfolio management, you know your homework about me and what you can and cannot expect from Blockchain Whispers... then you trade on the long run, and have us as an EDGE, that makes you into a BETTER trader.

So, what are you waiting for?

I believe the bitcoin is going down a bit.  If you believe it goes up, then at least use this finding to just THINK of the plan B - if it goes as I believe it will, will you be ready.  I don't tell you to change your position..  always #1 trust put in yourself - just like Scarface from the movie.

I want to make you independent.  I don't mind sharing success and money-making opportunities with you.  However, if we ever meet up in some club, at a party... don't expect I'll be sharing chicks I just met... for that... it's every man for himself.

Stay beast!


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A Bitcoin Lesson From A Yogi Master

Can you close your mouth and nose for a minute or two?

In that brief moment, that will suddenly seem like an eternity to you, you will realize two things:

First that you need air and second that you NEED air.

You are not alive without it.

And where is air?

is it within you? the fresh air you need...

... or is it outside?

This is the simplest demonstration of outer body experience.

That tree out there is your lungs, is what makes you breathe. 

When you are this aware, do I need to tell you not to cut the trees?

At the same time, when you're fully aware of trading, what you are doing in crypto, there are only two things that make sense:

you either support crypto

or you have an edge.


There is no fast profit option in crypto.

Fast profit is the result of that inner harmony of crypto being good for the people and people rewarding the early adopters making it more attractive to themselves.

People who are supporters of bitcoin are not losing money - they invested last year and now have something 6 times more valuable, or they invested now at 19k and they will next year have something 4 times more valuable.


There are people with an edge, people who are setting the new dynamic in crypto,

it's smart traders, let me get back to explain you the story...

last year basic trading and elementary charting made you riches.

this year, first three months advanced charting made you riches.

then the bot trading came, strong new algorithmic bot trading...

you see - new dynamic setters are making the money.

I am the dynamic setter.  I don't have the best tech nor maybe my talk about boobs is politically correct, but at this stage, crypto is leaderless, people don't have one single person to trust but me who have proven my beyond-monetary care for people.

You are the dynamic setter - because you are here in this pioneering small community of around hundred thousand followers - like a bitcoin at price of $100. 

We will grow, and obviously and naturally you will cash-in on the fact you proved support and recognized when it was a challenge to recognize who the real deal is in the ocean of tweets and greed.

The biggest, most effective a-ha moment is when you identify for yourself what is your position in crypto: is it a supporter or a dynamic setter.  There is no get-rich-speeder option.

(for those who will miss the point, I know that is not a word!)

So, there are two ways you can make money in crypto almost 99% sure...

First one is close the charts, log out of all exchanges... go work your day jobs whatever you're doing, and whenever you have some extra money, throw it in bitcoin or crypto project you believe in.

Second one is exactly the opposite, open the charts and outwork the second guy, set the dynamic to new levels.  See how I started my channel and Blockchain Whispers - I outworked, out educated, out cared every other guy by a mile... setting the new dynamic.

Luckily for you, if you choose the new dynamic road - there are so many fields you can excell in - development of coins - development of coin related services - development of people's awareness - excelling in trading....

Whatever you do, do not come in crypto to get rich without one of these two edges.

I am proud that here at Blockchain Whispers I give you an edge. Your hard work, your analysis and understanding, evolving will help you make what I give you here profitable or more profitable than the next guy, and by far more profitable than the guys still reading tweets and participating in trollboxes, believing in the next "pump".

Pumps are out. New level is in.

Noticed how people 3x-ed coin on each new listing before -- listings are out -- it's barely 30-50% nowdays, the new dynamic sets in, and its still so easy that if you take your time and honestly answer yourself to this edge-giving question here... you'll find your place.

I can already predict the future in so many places in crypto:

Bitmex will be out of crypto within 2 years.

Many US based ICO makers will be sued for any of the gazillion reasons Americans sue each other.

Crypto debit cards will exist.

Banks will rapidly start adopting crypto services.

There will be either a way to tax crypto or will start a de-taxation of the world.

Upon massive adoption of crypto there will be a hyperinflation - which is natural, taking money value from the dinosaurs that made it before, and to the new dynamic setters of this stage of civilization.

I won't go further as the further into the future you go the more of sci-fi it looks.  Yet, one day, somebody will read these predictions. Even the serious government war-level tensions will be made over crypto control and strategic assets.

Now, look back at now... and realize how many beautiful, wonderful opportunities you have just by being here, now, with us the family of Blockchain Whispers at this stage of crypto before people understand what's going on.

If you have witnessed this bitcoin and entire crypto correction this year, you know much more about crypto than people who are just about to enter.

And you know who to follow.  Soon the bull run begins, first with Bakkt some institutions will enter, then ETF and then the rest...again, you will have a chance to go back in the past and re-write your lottery ticket.

Yes, you will have a chance now to do the 500x - if you identify what somebody else won't, with the edge you already have by being here.

I will not give you the 500x edge.  But if I give you the 50x edge, you just need to be 10x more ahead, dynamic setter than the average Blockchain Whispers smart follower.

If I give you the 5x edge, I guarantee you, out of Blockchain Whispers followers, there will be a bunch of guys who will find a way to 100x that and get their 500x

Imagine having a car in crypto and getting 500 cars, that is the opportunity that you know is going to come to you.  You have a new chance now, to do it right this time. Celebrate these low periods of Bitcoin, because I remember we were hoping if we will just get 'enough time' to enter btc at 6k... or remembering guys who entered it at $100 or $500 (me).

Well they didn't enter at "pamp it", "moon", "lambo" kind of stage - they entered when they believed and others were telling them they are fools, at times just like these.

There is only 21 million btc out there.

Grab yours, and don't let it go.

There is over 6 billion people out there.

Your brother in crypto,

D Man

Blockchain Whispers


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Sicario Books Another Win - 37.37% Profit At Low Lev!

Sicario warned us about the state of Bitcoin and we entered short at 6730 and 6750...

we closed our position at 8x leverage now at 6439 booking 37.37% profit.

We expected a further dip down, however sudden Bitfinex release (and bear in mind Bitfinex is #1 biggest bitcoin wallet)... that it will be unavailable tomorrow for 2 hrs for trading... makes us play it safe and exit the trade.

Thank you Sicario for this awesome bitmex call!

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Tittie Bar Confessions Of Crypto Wall Street
Tittie Bar Confessions Of Crypto Wall Street

In any given time during trading, there are two basic types of traders: 

winners and losers.

Winners bought or sold right, while the losers didn't.

However, winners, divide also in two categories:

winners and losers.

how so?

These messages from Bitmex Sicario Followers should illustrate a point. I let you conclude who is in which category:

"hey D, thanks for Sicario calls! I was down until it started. Missed the first two, and still I made way more than what you guys promote as wins. Noobs underestimate the power of compound, and limiting the losses

This is what I did... The first signal I followed with just 10% of the portfolio. I got a winner, I saw incredible accuracy of Sicario Bitmex Signals, so i decided a special fund just for Sicario trades.

I would follow the announcements by Sicario to gauge their confidence. Whenever confident, I would move stop-loss immediately as soon as I'd be in profit.

I would NEVER invest more than 10% of my portfolio, but I had a twist: I would reinvest my profits. So if I made from 0.1btc made 0.11, my next investment is going to be 0.11. If I make from 0.11 0.15 - my next one is 0.15, and that multiplies by compound force like Albert Einstein said: the power of compounding is the eight wonder of the world.

Now noobs could stop and wonder what I do with losing signals. I did my math, and as I'm your follower since early days, I concluded that the risk of Sicario calls being completely liquidated with such stop-losses is minimal to none. So I am not risking the entire trade and whole profit..

this suited me well, as with my own following, active understanding of what's going on, and yes you MUST be on the screen during the calls, I did 1.44 btc out of 0.9 btc initial investment (that is 1.44btc profit!). You can use this email to show even the 'more upper' side of your amazing Sicario calls. Thank you, your proud premium member, P from Zurich."


And I got this message:

"dude i got fu?*ed with sicario calls as i did good with first five calls til yesterday. now im back with less than i started. i know not your fault but i wish you warn us when call not as sure"


Now I think it doesn't take a genius to conclude the difference between those two traders.

Not only I enjoy working with the first group, I love the spirit, his desire to share his winning tactics with you, the appreciation and all...

and I also hate dealing with the second group, rarely even recognizing the fault, almost never grateful, and not evolving. 

I use this message, to teach you of the proper way of portfolio management.

MANY MANY, MANY guys, followed the Sicario calls like this:

1) the first one they entered and they didn't check notifications, didn't exit early, got rekt.

2) the second they stood out and they missed good profit.

3) now they saw 'hey this is good, I might have missed it' - they invested and made profit.

4) now, they said "wow let me do this" and repeated with a bit bigger part of portfolio and made profit.

5) now some guys said "fuck his 10x, I am doing 50x" and got rekt, while others made even greater profit.

6) now they decided, fuuk - this is good, I am all in, and made profit.

they said on the next one - 'I am all in again' - this is awesome, and popping some extra money in - and they won again.

7) fuck this is amazing, I'm calling the bank, they went all in - and got rekt.

They stop following, the next call is a win, but they invested just a small fraction of previous investment.


those guys think they are very unlucky.

The guys who followed with 10% of portfolio, treated it as a business so followed updates, adjusted stops, they did exceptionally well.  Some even like the follower from the beginning of this article developped their own ways to multiply gains. They did great profits!

Those who went all in -- even if Sicario had 9 out of 10 accurate calls, which is top notch in any trading, and is something unheard of in leveraged trading... they managed to fail even though nine were accurate, one was not.

A side note: Just imagine how much balls it takes to make this article: warn you publicly that bitcoin goes down from here.  I made MANY articles like those.  With laser-like accuracy.  Nobody in crypto does it. Because they hate being held accountable.  Most Twitter guys say "we see bears, we see bulls, we see maybe this or that".  My followers respect me for taking a stand. Even if 1 out of 10 will be wrong, or even two.  Sure I get jealous idiots who get happy when they see me wrong, however, most good folks understand that with proper analysis of their own and using me as your EDGE is something that is worth its weight in gold. And at the end of the day, what the fuck are they giving me?  I am giving something to the community. My goals are transparent: help you so that I leave the mark, and make enough money to finance my strip club out of crypto profit for as long as I want to.  And then me and you and my good followers will party inside, and they will again bitch as the entry is too expensive for them saying that my big boob Ukrainian chicks are not as good as their Fat Berta. 

So to make sure I didn't write this for the flies on the wall... here's a quick takeaway:

the fastest way to profit is the slow and steady way.

the most predisposed traders to win are those who don't really need to win.

putting the odds in your favor, being active, and always use the same, or at least strategic portfolio management is the ONLY way to win.

Fomo, putting all in one trade, etc won't make you happy.


There are three types of traders who follow Sicario calls:

Top professionals - who want to make sure they didn't miss something, and know the general direction, they are taking the profit on their way as they decide they should, using Sicario Bitmex calls as super-valuable guidelines.

Smart amateurs - they follow exactly like Sicario writes, actively, with right portfolio management, and are on screen when trades are active or fast. They do exceptionally well just like Sicario promotes.

and there are

Noobs - they invest more each time the winning call is made, they invest less after a loss, they 'wait to rek' their big position and then re enter it small. After a losing call they don't follow one call. Only to come back at a streak.  They even with 9 out of 10 wins are hardly winning blaming their bad luck and not thanking their lucky stars for finding such accurate bitcoin leverage trader like Sicario.

I hope this summary helps you identify which category you're in and what you need to do to win big(ger).




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A16Z Buys a Large Stack of MKR - BitTorrent Integrates TRON in New Incentive Model
A16Z Buys a Large Stack of MKR

A16Z, a fund for digital assets from well-known VC Andreessen Horowitz, Crypto has purchased 6% (60k tokens) of the total supply of MKR for a price of $15M, paying $250 per token. This raised some questions, the most discussed is how this fund can buy MKR tokens from Maker DAO for 250$ per piece when the market valuation of each MKR token is 496$??

Maker DAO argues that the support from A16Z and their business experience will greatly help to establish the Maker stablecoin (DAI) und the MKR governance system in the financial world. But this discount leaves us with a stale aftertaste, especially since MKR is a governance token.

BitTorrent Integrates TRON in New Incentive Model

BiTorrent, which was bought by TRON a while ago, has announced that they will integrate a new incentive modell, where users storing and sharing files ("seeders")will earn TRX tokens for remaining online for longer periods of time. Additionally, users who are downloading content can pay seeders with tokens as well.
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Bitcoin About To Go Down!

The circle of btc power, the four B-s (Bitmain - Bitfinex - Bitmex - Banks) are benefitting the short at the moment.

The retails and 'whales' are exhausted in this long-play vs enemy of greater resources.

Twitter guys fomo.

The odds of it going down are over 5:1

The current candle is at 6625 - I expect the dip to start happening soon.

Premiums have the targets. You have the warning to protect your capital from loss. As I am happier to see you have coins than the four B-s circle.


Here's to a small force united,

Blockchain Whispers

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Drivechain Release On Testnet - Baidu Publishes Details of Upcoming Blockchain - Red Belly Blockchain Hits 30 000 Tx/s In Trial - Austrian Government Uses Ethereum to Notarize Bond Auction - StellarX Opens For The Public
Drivechain Release On Testnet

On 25. September first Drivechain release on testnet was announced. Drivechain enables Sidechains for Bitcoin and is a big leap forward in Bitcoin development. Different consensus mechanisms, supply politics, and use-cases can be facilitated in a Sidechain and still benefit from the security of the underlying base layer, Bitcoin. 

Baidu Publishes Details of Upcoming Blockchain

Baidu, which is the Chinese equivalent to Google, has officially released a white paper for its blockchain network called XuperChain. The Search Engine giant claims XuperChain will be able to support more than 10,000 transactions per second through inter-chain parallel technology and a stereoscopic network. Additionally, XuperChain will use multi-core parallel calculations and employ sidechains to scale the network. Baidu holds more than 50 patents for XuperChain.

Austrian Government Uses Ethereum to Notarize Bond Auction

The Austrian government announced that it will use the Ethereum blockchain to notarize the auction of a government bond worth $1.3 billion. Internal IT resources will oversee the deployment, which will store the data as hash values on the public Ethereum network.

StellarX Opens For The Public

StellarX is the first full-featured trading app for Stellar’s universal marketplace and was developed in cooperation with IBM. It was in beta test mode over the past several months and is now open for the public. The marketplace offers crypto, fiat tethers, commodities, bonds, and more.
StellarX does not hold user keys and isn’t an exchange in the traditional sense. It can be seen as a GUI for the public to access the Stellar trading environment.
Key Features since Beta:
  • Ledger support
  • Direct USD deposits
  • improved Usability
  • added custom payment aliases,
    which means users can claim yourname*
you can try it out here:
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