Only We Signalled This Dip! Congrats to followers!

It was a free call. You weren't supposed to pay anything so you are not poor and unfortunate... you are only lazy if you didn't follow (not necessarily traded, you trade only when you agree - but follow). 

I don't know what to say to a bunch of cowards, blaming everything and everyone else for their own lack of success.

Did you do your own track record of sicario calls?

did you?

Nobody on the planet can say anything except they are fucking awesome.

We just did 26% profit on the clean signal.

Not one channel, website, system has a better track record in these times than Blockchain Whispers does - premium and free.

And I don't say it because of us.. I say because to put your mental focus in the right direction.

I was like you, I was afraid of success, I'd self-sabotage it in a bunch of ways until one day...


And from that day forward, I'd do what it takes, I'd write on a piece of paper...

I could not be for example in crypto trading and not follow Blockchain Whispers precisely.

Follow it on paper... then decide if you are going to trade based on it or not. Are you going to use it just for the direction or for price points or both or nothing.

And it has nothing to do with whether you trust me or like me.

I might think CZ of Binance is annoying or that he is a nice guy, it doesn't change the fact that he fucking can move the price and make the impact, so following is a must.

Guys ask me why premium never has discounts?  Because it's designed to move you into higher areas of respect, success and profits.  And that starts with your mentality.

Multiplying $100 gets you only to $300... $500... $600 - and at the end of the day you can spend it all on one hot chick, not even sure it will last you for a night.

On the other hand, multiplying $10,000 gets you $30,000... $50,000... $60,000

And with that you can do things in your life.

And it is not that I say you have to be a billionaire, but if you want to tell me that maximum you can invest in yourself is $100, then you're an ignorant liar. Wherever in the world you are.

You can earn. You can work extra work. You can help others for money... and then when you get $1000 you can enter, then you can top up on every move... and in no time you are at $10,000

buying a bitcoin for $6,000 in itself will make you at least $30,000 or $60,000 within 2-3 years.

You just have to have a goal, because this message, only idiots will hate me for, and some, who I help, will forever remember this moment as the moment D man helped you change your thinking and become successful, rich (inside and outside) and fucking happy.

Take a look here at the call we made:

for FREE.

First of all, you must get one thing, I don't owe anything to society. And I for sure don't owe anything to you. When I do this, I do it because I like to help and I like to filter out those successful individuals who see gem in my messages, and just need that little push to get going and get themselves, their families a bunch of wealth and success along the way.

For others - I don't give a fuck.

I LOVE my followers. I LOVE my traders. And cheap, ever-complaining, passive guys who never take action intelligently and calmly... I simply pass through not thinking about em.

Because, what can you say to a guy who asks you "wen moon" and never fucking does a trade... and when he does, he goes all in, and when it succeeds he goes all in again until he finally loses, and then, who does he blame?  Himeself?  Nope... he blames you.

For those guys, I can say nothing nice.

And still yet, here I am writing to all of them, 'hoping' some will be self critical enough and realize they missed something.

You MUST, absolutely MUST, if you are serious about any trading except long term holding... you must follow the important price-affecting channels and sources of info.

If you are serious about trading and have over 1btc, you should fucking be in Blockchain Whispers Premium.

If you are under 1 btc... you must be in Blockchain Whispers free.

You don't have to trade it, but you have to take our signals into account, as Blockchain Whispers is designed to give you an EDGE... to those who follow, and what it means for the others... exactly!

Those who don't follow are at DISadvantage.

What do you think?

Comment, attack me if I'm wrong. Support me if I'm right. Time to get you ready for the bullish move that ... But hey, twitter guys signal the big catastrophic dip... 

if you listen to me, again, for who know which time, I'll tell you where we are going. Not with CERTAINTY, but with high enough odds that give you an EDGE versus the public.

And yes, this is public, but my writing, my love for big boobs and amount of intelligence and logic and even time required for you to read my post is just too great for an average twitter noob.

Also, you are an early adopter, still most people have no fucking clue about some semi-secret page at Blockchain Whispers that under tools and under the name of 'calculator' made more gains than all top tradingview traders combined.

What do you think? Too aggressive piece? Or am I right?

Comment here.

And you know, I was born with tough love... and I never complained, I was always grateful, because... it is not an enemy one who gives a kid vegetables against kid's wishes... and it's not neccessarily a friend one who gives candies to a baby.

I could have told you many compliments, but what for... it wouldn't get you moving. Let's be systematic and know one day that Blockchain Whispers followers made more money than any and all others combined!



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You still think Blockchain Whispers Premium service is too expensive for you? Tell me what you think after reading this
You still think Blockchain Whispers Premium service is too expensive for you? Tell me what you think after reading this

For the last two or so months we were just in bitcoin and tezos. It was bear market, and while most were jerking, losing money on dipping alts we were steady and calm.

We made profits with leverage trades, shorting and longing, or we just stayed in position, the safest in crypto at the moment.

Then, I announced the 20x coin.

I announced it again.

And when I finally gave it, my premium members knew it is a STRONG signal. Not a luck or accident. Even before time I called this to be my second pundix this year.

I was wrong.

It is even better!

It did 311% without a correction in just 12 days!

Now tell me... how expensive is 0.147 premium?

If you knew this signal, and you say put just 0.2 out of your 1btc portfolio, now it would be 0.6+

The coin is qnt, and now you as free members know it, but you should wait for some retracement if you want to enter in.

However, publicizing the 20x coin was not the point here. It was to ask some of long term free followers who for some reason think it is wiser to get a gem or three from me here for free, rather than join premium.

Don't you think if I give these super profitable, accurate calls for you for free, that I have something even stronger and better for my premium members who pay for this whole trading team, analysts and all in store?

Sometimes being afraid to be 'scammed' or to make a 'wrong move' is costly. Life never rewards cowards. It rewards the bold.

Besides that in premium we have entries in amazing alts, we, to the best of our team's abilities (which at the moment I'm fortunate are on the top of the world),.. tell you where bitcoin is going, when there is alt period when there is volatility.. they know it all.

And, if you follow me for any time now, you know I'm not an asshole.  I gave my members in this bear season a membership-freeze so that the membership is not a burden for them but that it allows them to earn.  So even waiting for "bullish" times to join blockchain Whispers Premium is not a wise idea, as the time is now and never let it go.

Now the process is fully automatic, go to: and become premium member within minutes. Inside you'll find some alt calls you can setup orders for immediately, some active ones for which you should check the price, and also setup notifications so you're ready for the next calls, and for even next 5x that will be announced on the first opportunity.

So you still think Blockchain Whispers Premium service is too expensive for you?

Go to: 

For questions, reach out to @cryptoalfred on Telegram.

For accuracy,



Oh yes, think our 20x coin was an accident?  What about Pundi 20x? What about public calls: zil 3.5x, theta 2x, ont 8.5x, ... heck even pal started shooting for the stars now... and these all calls were given in bear season... zrx we were the first to predict coinbase listing, bnb nice 2x in like 10 days or less.. I don't know any other group that did like this in the BEAR market. Now imagine us in the bull...

those dart-throwing 'experts' who are capable of working only in bull times, springing up like mushrooms after the rain... just ask yourself how much you want to trust their leadership?

Even if they have fancier website than me, even if they don't talk about boobs as I do... there is no one **I** would personally invest in, if I knew what I now know, than Blockchain Whispers. The edge just makes it well worth the 0.147.

Of course, if your portfolio is under 0.5btc, then you should really work on getting your portfolio bigger before considering. Let's not fool ourselves. This is good, super good analysis. It is not magic. This is for men serious about seeing their portfolio shining, not those expecting a roulette wheel spin, as that you can do that in a casino. If you are ready, delay no further, join premium and immediately tap yourself on the back for good decision, probably better decision than any individual coin investment can be. Go to: and see you inside.

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Volatility Incoming! Today!

Before I go to sleep and dream about hot natashas dancing for me, I wanted to give you an update for today. Forget high leverage positions, the volatility is on the horizon today, many people with high leverage will be liquidated... and... if you play it smart, you'll also use it as an opportunity.

My advice is find your good entries into alts.

Alts are about to explode (talk weeks not seconds, for those impatient, but it can start any day now).

I gave you one good alt here for free: XLM is really bullish.

I gave you the rest in premium.

The Premium waiting list should be taken off today sometime, so contact @cryptoalfred on Telegram regarding that.

Our Free chat is on the maintenance today, servers upgrading, so don't worry, you'll be with your crypto friends soon.

This is an update. I'm off to bed. 8.52AM Paris time.



oh, hey Natasha, there you are!

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PAL did 100% today

Admittedly the bear season got even the best of us, so many sold pal under the pressure when bitcoin dipped and all especially new alts dipped, however, this is a lesson in long term holding, and that fundamentally strong projects eventually make the move, and this is just the beginning from the long term aspect for pal.


Cheers and congrats to holders!

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Coinbase To List Ripple (XRP)
Coinbase To List Ripple (XRP)

I want to give you a taste of our Premium Blockchain Whispers signals:

Coinbase will probably in the following weeks, month(s) list Ripple!

This is why:

According to Mr. Y, who is by far the most accurate analyst when it comes to Coinbase, and second only to Coinbase-insiders... he predicted ZRX listing when nobody even dreamt of it, now he made the following conclusion:

Coinbase applied for approval as a custodian of six currencies.

all of them are listed at Coinbase except Ripple (XRP)

Why they apply if they don't plan to have it listed?

Now, please take a moment and realize that you are the first knowing this information.

Only Blockchain Whispers Premium members got to know this before you.

Imagine the edge you have...

And this is just one of two signals our Premium members got today.

I just couldn't resist but to share this one with you.

Because I do want you to say one day, Blockchain Whispers helped me choose wisely, and gave me an edge to profit more!

I am D, and this is your Blockchain Whispers update

(now go bang some, because you know probably hotter news than the whole day of studying would bring you... study smart, not hard :)


P.S. To join our Premium service and be the first to find out red-hot news like this, contact on Telegram messenger: @cryptoalfred



Image by Gettyimages

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Coinbase Adds Stablecoin Pegged to USD - Coinbase Approved as Qualified Custodian - Bitcoin ETF Applicant VanEck Tells SEC That The Stated Concerns Have Been Solved - IDEX Will Block Orders From Users With New York State IPS

Coinbase Adds Stablecoin Pegged to USD

Coinbase adds USD-pegged stablecoin USD//Coin (USDC), which was created by Circle.

Coinbase Approved as Qualified Custodian

Coinbase stated that the New York Department of Financial Services approved the so-called Limited Purpose Trust Company designation. This approval allows the Coinbase Trust to offer custody services for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and XRP. 
The interesting thing is that Coinbase offers trading for all of the six digital assets except XRP. 

Bitcoin ETF Applicant VanEck Tells SEC That The Stated Concerns Have Been Solved

VanEck published a paper where they address the five major concerns of the SEC. According to VanEck, all of them have been solved.
- There now exists a significant regulated derivatives market for bitcoin
- Relevant markets – Cboe, bitcoin futures, OTC desks – are regulated
- Concerns around price manipulation have been mitigated, consistent with approval of prior commodity-based ETPs
- CBOE’s rules are designed to surveil for potential manipulation of Trust shares Promotes investor protection.”

Read the full paper here:

IDEX Will Block Orders From Users With New York State IPS

"DEX will begin blocking new orders from users with New York State IP addresses on Thursday, October 25th (6pm UTC). Cancels and withdrawals will remain active."

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Bakkt Announced To Start Live Trading Dec 12 2018

The news is not new, the date is just released.

For full details about bakkt and bitcoin, go here.

We are closing our short positions, checking how the crowd will react to this news, should give us clearer perspective. This may trigger the bull run, or might have no impact at all, having it dip a bit.


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Ah Screw It! Who Will Announce First If Not Me - ALT Bull Run On The Horizon!
Ah Screw It! Who Will Announce First If Not Me - ALT Bull Run On The Horizon!

I saw in the chat guys analysing some coins and finding more and more good coins that are about to pump.

How so?

Well, it's not these coins, but that more or less most alts followed the same path versus bitcoin and versus the dollar.

Now alts have power only for one stronger or two or three (a stretch) mid-small dips before they have no choice but to pump.

They are already resillient, reaching last three month highs... the engines are turned on, and revving.  I will be really surprised if I don't see within next 30 days a start of full-blown alt run.


Of course, no one talks about it this directly. Twitter 'experts' don't want to take risk of concrete predictions. They wait, they give you multiple options only to see that it ends up being something in the middle of all that and different from what they predicted.

I can respect men who try and go wrong. But how can I respect guys who are so ball-less that they don't have the courage to fucking pick in their own analysis a dominant direction and tell you what it is.

Yes we all know it can go up and down. Yes, if this VERY promising alt move UP doesn't happen, it will go well down... but I tell you directly... listen: within 30 days. Listen: after 1 stronger dip (so the dip first) or two or three (a stretch, meaning probably not even three) mid-small dips (meaning basic corrections btc about 150$ down...the bull run should begin.

If you read to patiently, responsibly and carefully read my analysis, you'll boost your success with Blockchain Whispers.

So, to help you understand, what this means the Alt Run?

When it was bear run, even the best (pick any coin) alts dipped.

Now when the alt run begins, even the SHITTIEST alts will rise.

Just why we choose good ones - as they will rise more.

And thus the biggest mistake people do in crypto - they think their alt is good because it rises in bull times or bad because it falls in bear times. The only metric according to yours truly is comparable metric versus alts of similar marketcap.

Why similar marketcap?

Because within marketcap is also a risk limit to a degree. 10 million dollar mc coin is by far riskier than 1 billion dollars mc coin. But also it gains faster.

Suggested move (also something twitter, expert-wannabes lack):

start chasing good alt entries.

Bitcoin prediction will help you in this and that's why Sicario team made another FREE bitcoin signal here

Note: If you miss those signals, you should really make sure your push notifications are on for this site. I don't send ads, and if I will it won't be often. I am too unorganized for that. You get signal notifications and you get a fucking amazing call from the team that hundred million+ hedge funds are seeking to advise them. For free because you're smart enough, open-minded enough and lucky enough to stumble upon, follow and understand Blockchain Whispers.

I want to thank you for following,


P.S. Please... don't read the headline and make nuts move... the alt run is not NOW, but you should fucking buy now so that you enjoy the full run. That's why you have this warning to start finding yourself good entries into your favorite alts and to read things carefully. Read less things, filter sources... but when read, make sure you understand. Cheers!

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Premium 20x coin did almost 100% profit now (in under 7 days!) - NO LEVERAGE!

Daddy told you, daddy found you another pundi x success!

Very proud of my members.

Free group also got some good calls if you read the articles (check Bully one), to see Blockchain Whispers accuracy (now even better than ever thanks to our great team and exclusive collaborators additions)

Thank you guys for everything, being able to serve you with accuracy makes me successful!


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How Can A Man Accidentally Lick A Wrong Woman's Pussy?

I was watching re-runs of Californication today, and it is dark in the room, he goes out to check something, returns back and starts licking... a wrong woman!

And now there is his chick giving him hard time not believing him it was an honest mistake.

Imagine now yourself in the same situation. You can't, can you?

That amount of luck rarely happens.

So is hoping on so-called 'knife catching' bitcoin or any alt with it rarely coming true.

Many folks try to know the perfect time to go long or short. Today I announced we are very near bullish times... and the first question asked was "okay, so we go long from here", and the second was "how big leverage can we use?"

Bitcoin just doesn't work like this. You, if you follow it should know by now, to make money, you have to take it from another guy, and another guy doesn't want to do it without a fight.

You have seen fakeouts, breakouts, false breakouts, going up then down, signaling down pumping high up... hunting stop then changing the direction...

that's all one guy outsmarting another.

And now you want to know from where you can go 100x long?

Brother, please check the charts, the biggest longing moments came from a wick, meaning you can only fulfill that thing with a pre-order placed in advance... or... if you were as lucky as a guy who comes in the wrong room and still gets a wet pussy waiting on him. If you're not that type of guy, you should

Play Strategically

For example, right now if we are near bull times, we almost for sure go down before going up. We need to think of a way that liquidates/stops most people, giving the remaining traders most free money.

This Monday could be interesting.

Watch it.


And for pussy, well, rather don't forget the room you left yours in. Cheers!

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You Should Bully! Bull times ahead!


I expect we are on the brink of bull times.

Just a little bit more...maybe just a dip or three... within 30 days I will be really surprised if the bull run and the long expected green candles don't start shining.

And then, you will tap yourself on the back, beause you held, you bought some coins cheap... you did not sell cheap... and you're in for the money!

Then in green times remember who is with you in the bear times too... when no one want the responsibility or blame that noobs give to experts when the market goes down.

It's not a fault of a construction company for builiding a house that was broken by hurracane.

However, I do it for most good people who needed a hand in this hurracane of crypto. We are nearly ready.

I'll give you one premium mid term hold call... that should give you enough to let you join Premium should you want to.

XLM - very low risk, quite bullish for the following 3-8 weeks.

Enjoy it and share love.


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What You Must Know About Bakkt


What is Bakkt?

„A Global Regulated Ecosystem for Digital Assets“

Bakkt is a company with the goal of enabling consumers and institutions to buy, sell, store and spend digital assets on a global network. The aim is to provide a federally regulated market for Bitcoin and a warehousing solution, along with consumer and merchant applications. The initial focus is on the trading and conversion of Bitcoin versus fiat currencies.

The first component of Bakkt is a 1-day physically delivered Bitcoin futures contract.  This means that any future contract gets settled in BTC, opposed to the CME- and CBOE-contracts, which are settled in cash. This will be combined with a physical warehousing solution which is reviewed and approved by the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission). These two are the first features Bakkt will offer, and the launch is scheduled for November/December this year.

Testing and onboarding are scheduled for November and trading and warehousing for December.
But Bakkt goes even further, when it is finished it will be a fully regulated exchange where digital assets can be bought, sold, stored and spent. Bakkt is aiming to develop open technology to connect existing market and merchant infrastructure to the blockchain.

Plans for 2019 involve leveraging Microsoft cloud solutions for connected markets, issuing Crypto Debit Cards and allow 401k pension accounts and funds to invest in Bitcoin. Starbucks is on board as a partner and they aim to build a technology which allows users to convert their crypto to fiat-currencies seamlessly and while in the payment process to pay for goods and services. The ultimate goal is to transform Bitcoin into a trusted global currency with broad usage. Bakkt brings transparency and trust to previously unregulated markets.

The name „Bakkt“ is a play on “backed,” as in “asset-backed securities.“

Who are the people behind Bakkt?

Bakkt was formed by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) which is an operator of global exchanges, clearing houses, data and listings services. The ICE is a financial giant, it owns the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), among other exchanges. For the creation of Bakkt, the ICE made partnerships with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Starbucks (for their experience with cashless payment systems) and Microsoft (for their blockchain experience with AZURE and their cloud solutions).

Goldman Sachs is believed to be in the process of building ways to use Bakkts custody solutions for the storage of digital assets for their customers.

Kelly Loeffler, an experienced ICE executive, will serve as the CEO of Bakkt. Recently it was announced that Adam White will be the Chief Operating Officer (COO). Adam White was the fifth employee of Coinbase and he was responsible for building GDAX, the wing of Coinbase who was aimed towards professional traders. He is a real veteran and was one of the key architects to build one of the first professional marketplaces for digital assets.

Bakkt BTC Potential

The potential is absolutely gigantic. In my opinion, two things are missing for institutional money and the mainstream to invest in Bitcoin:

  • Trading on official and fully regulated exchanges
  • Safe storage for digital assets

Bakkt solves both of these problems at once and paves the way for Bitcoin to arrive in the Mainstream and this will be the final step to transform BTC from „funny internet money“ to an asset class of its own. I expect the demand for BTC to rise sharply by the time Bakkt launches because the futures contracts are settled in BTC. Bakkt will actually trade Bitcoin, not just speculate on its price movements. This will lead to transparent, efficient price discovery and this paves the way for the first Bitcoin-ETF to get approved. And this is just the beginning, Bakkt opens the floodgates for institutional investors, funds, pension programmes and retail investors. And with the custody solution, it allows the safe and regulated storage of digital assets on an institutional scale, for the first time ever.  


“In bringing regulated, connected infrastructure together with institutional and consumer applications for digital assets, we aim to build confidence in the asset class on a global scale, consistent with our track record of bringing transparency and trust to previously unregulated markets,”
- Jeffrey C. Sprecher, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Intercontinental Exchange.

Bakkt is designed to serve as a scalable on-ramp for institutional, merchant, and consumer participation in digital assets by promoting greater efficiency, security, and utility,”
- Kelly Loeffler, ICE’s head of digital assets, CEO of Bakkt

“As the flagship retailer, Starbucks will play a pivotal role in developing practical, trusted and regulated applications for consumers to convert their digital assets into US dollars for use at Starbucks,”
- Maria Smith, Vice President, Partnerships and Payments for Starbucks

About the author

This article is written by Blockchain Whispers top fundamental analyst under the pseudonym Mr. Y

Mr. Y is famous for announcing first:

Coinbase listing ZRX back in May

ZIL being listed on Binance

ONT 8.5x from the time he signaled Blockchain Whispers that ONT is undervalued to the sell signal.

About Blockchain Whispers

Blockchain Whispers is a team of traders, analysts, focused on accuracy. We help the public by giving enough free trades, trading lessons, that anyone can preserve their capital, trade smarter and get an EDGE over the market.

Blockchain Whispers has announced early news, insiders news and price-affecting news before major news outlets like Coindesk, Coin Telegraph, and such. That is not our specialty though. It is trading.

For our track record, go here.

To keep track of our free signals, check this page.

And to join our elite-level premium signaling service, go here.

Support: @xantisofia on Telegram



Blockchain Whispers



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Adam White Joins Bakkt as COO - CME BTC Futures Volume Rose 41% - Fifth BNB Token Burn was Yesterday

Adam White Joins Bakkt as COO

Adam White was Coinbase’s fifth employee and responsible for building its nstitutional exchange GDAX. 
He is now joining Bakkt as their Chief Operating Officer. 

CME BTC Futures Volume Rose 41%

A new report from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange shows that Bitcoin futures average daily volume (ADV) has risen by 41%
over Q2 to Q3. Also, the number of open contracts rose by 19 percent in Q3.

Fifth BNB Token Burn was Yesterday

Binance announced on 17. October that it has successfully completed its 5. quarter token burn.
1,643,986 BNB were destroyed, which equals $17 million.

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Read This If You Feel You Are Born For Something Great
Read This If You Feel You Are Born For Something Great
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Open Only If You Value Opinion Of Your D Man... About What To Trade Now

Thank you.

I had great privilege, fortune and luck to (finally) assamble probably the most accurate crypto trading team on the planet.

Bitmex leaderboard trader - one of most profitable traders on the biggest leverage exchange.

Super accurate crypto trading cartel trader

Great track record associates...

And do you know what they... versus the public... have to say about this trade?

(the same guys that predicted this pump in the premium group).



This time, right now, with ultra-big, corporate (bitfinex, coinbase, bitmex, binance) manipulation... where the difference in price between two exchange groups is reaching whopping $700 is giving too much ground to liquidate, stop hunt, and take away your hard earned coins.

If Sicario Fund is not trading (and they had all winning trades until this moment), if amazingly accurate associates are suggesting no trade, and bitmex leaderboard trader says it will probably go xxx but best not to trade...

then I believe it is a no brainer for you to just hold your bitcoin and spectate this action with amusement.  They can't rek bitcoin - but the moment you leverage trader it, it stops being a bitcoin. XBT is not bitcoin. bitcoin is only that one which you can send and trade from within your OWN wallet.

Trust me on this, the odds are not good to trade this, even if you can guess the outcome right.


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