8) NEVER invest what you can't afford to lose. I do not accept members in premium who I know...

borrowed money from someone else. I don't accept members who are desperate - it's like hey I must earn a thousand bucks - let's got o casino. It's stupid.

I need and accepto only: rational investors. Regardless of your experience if you do your homweork, if you're responsible individual.

9) with that said - btc, crypto market is VERY bullish this year. It started bearish just to show you teeth. I personally think btc could go to $50,000 by the end of this summer. All alts skyrocketing, but if you read a must-read book: Blockchain Decrypted for 2018 on Amazon - 90% of alts will die. Making the 10% more profitable than ever. That's why I am helping with my team of analysts and traders to help you identify those winning alts.

10) Setup sell orders - alts are not your standard dow jones stock -they get up and down... setup sell orders, the odds are even if you missed it, it will get fulfilled, but if you panic sell - well you're fucked.

The market feeds on stupid sellers and reckless buyers. I am teaching you here not to be the one, but to be on the winning side. Please listen to the suggestions above, it is for your good and to set you up for what I believe will be the most profitable year in crypto so far or even ever!

Every month what you are doing matters now. We are preparing for maybe one strong bear roar and then extremely bullish phase - don't be idiots and lose your money in the process.

My analyst gave me a pick of his career so far - with both the news and the chart to give 200% by may... and who do I give it to?

I give it to premiums - they ask me in 2 days why it went down.
I give it to free members - I am actually pleasantly surprised with the quality of some members here - but how can I give this to free members and not to premiums. So I am dividing Premium group into real long term investors and those who seem I'll kick all out of the group. They found one rare fish who doesn't give a fuck about their membership fee - I have already kicked 8 members so far out of premium and forbid to renew even more. The money I need I make with my skills and with my fund management clients. Premium is basically a tool for me to identify some guys who will become my fund management clients over 30btc of investment. I want it to be a place where everybody is happy and to be happy you must understand what you're doing.

Now don't pm me about the call - you have bnb now. You have theta long term - if you understood how great of a gem theta is, you'd be calling me nuts for sharing it for free. yes many other traders called for theta - but they didn't understand it's fundamentials.. there are people who called every single coin on the market, but rarely few know even why they do it.

I want this reminder to help you grow into higher quality trader.
I want you to become responsible and understand there is no such thing as sure trade.
I want you to never invest what you can't afford.
I want you to constantly LEARN, study while you're in crypto and develop yourself - that's why I'll give you another lesson from our TA School soon - completely free of charge.

And only then, when you're educated, intelligent, rational investor - that you come with me in the bullish times ahead, where we juggle between profits and fun while helping people with what we know the best.

Not the other way around.

Once you take responsibility - you're ready for the profits.

IF you think about profits first - trust me, you're not ready for it.

I hope this quick guide brings you closer to profit, success, avoids your unneccessary losses and makes you bull even against the bears ;)

D Man

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