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3 days is not patience. 3 months is. Please so we get on the same page. Otherwise you will be...

deeply disatisfied with my calls because although majority does spike fast, it is just 50% of it's true value, I like to give you what is known as double-safety call, so that even if the outbreak doesn't happen as expected (ie sudden btc drop due to whale or buy due to institutional buy or something), or whatever other thing - that you are holding a solid, strong coin... and not that you're locked in some shitty coin for months. That's what I give you. Understand it as you are warned. You fail to do it and continue to gamble and crying if the call doesn't spike in 15 minutes after - I am sorry but you are not the follower for me, and I'm not the trader for you, go search for pump groups - there are many out there and much bigger than our little channel.