1000th Post

1000 articles written... by me... the attention disorder maniac... sitting and writing in the creation of Blockchain Whispers.

I will not publish this on our Telegram @blockchainwhispersbaby

I will not tweet or let anyone else know, and I will not write in the title anything else but the 1000th Post, because for my true follower, it should be enough.

If by this time, you don't have trust for me to figure out that my posts are for your benefits and the growth of Blockchain Whispers... then you wouldn't be here reading this.

So I thank you my friend. We did this together.

I bet this year I'll write at least 3 times less posts, because the Blockchain Whispers 2.0 we designed is outgrowing me and keeps me here just because it is loyal as its founder, keeping me in the heart and spirit of Blockchain Whispers.

So on this 1000th post, I'll make sure to give you so clear outlook of crypto that you know exactly what to do and what not to do.

With that, my friend, let's begin.

Do you know how many ways are out there to lose fat?

A thousand? Ten thousand?.... More?

Dieting industry is a multi-billion dollar per year business. Every day,  a couple new diets are launched on the market... and yet...

There are only two ways to lose fat!

Consume less calories or burn more calories.

There is no third way.

When you look at it this simply, yet powerfully accurate, you can easily decide on your own way of reaching your dieting or bulking goal, right?

Well, this is the same what I will give you now in crypto.

I get questions daily, and no matter how many times I answer, I will get:

But D what do you think of HOT, REN, XXX, ...

What about Pundi, what about market cap 2020 token?

Are you ready?

The Crypto Outlook 2019 - By D Man

I will not use this article again, because I used 999 articles before (exact number this time), to cater to complete newbies. I taught you already enough so you know how price moves and how it looks in real life. So for newbies let em conclude whatever, we get down to real business:

Bitcoin has to make new lows.

Sorry, bad news to hear, but even worse to prepare yourself for the bull run and put your house on a leverage long.

My analysis shows bitcoin will break strongly 3016 strong support, and even 2850 one that everyone talks about.

Now this is the piece of preciousness that you should let grasp and make all the moves accordingly based on that.

Let it sink.

Alright. What about the range?

Well here comes the tricky part and this part I had to fortunately and unfortunately learn with my massive following and direct interaction with the Bitmex market maker.

I am almost certain they are subscribed to Blockchain Whispers signals. We have proven it by randomly selecting a couple of stops and seeing the market maker push the price exactly to those stops (which are midway in some unimportant candle)... but when 1000+ people put the same stop... it becomes attractive for the market maker.

However, because of that, I can give you this valuable lesson.

Bitcoin bearish range is up to around 52xx level. 

Sink that..

It means, as of right now it has the odds of going directly to new yearly lows. BUT!

The market maker has so much room that it can pump it to over $5,000 per bitcoin and still keep it bearish!!!

Now ask yourself - what would you, and the average joe, and the rest of the crypto world say if bitcoin would pump now $500 then another $500 then another $500 and then continue still pumping to $5000.



Now you have this in mind.

Around 52xx level btc has to make at least one more correction. It might happen before - at 4400 level. It can wick over 52xx but the major volume should be below to remain bearish.

Now watch this.

You now thanks to your D man whose fingers hurt after writing 1000 articles passionately teaching you how to get edge with Blockchain Whispers.. you know not only the direction, targets etc. but you know the fakeouts, fake breakouts and the mistakes that will cost the retail world a LOT of money.

Is this article going to change things?

Well, because I revealed, for the first time the secret of ranging and changing it on the spot of the market maker... it can't change anything.

Nobody ever before realized that the Market Maker makes moves based on the last moment calculation, not a beforehand one.

They have the open books remember?

They see the stops, remember?

And they EARN when they liquidate you or stop you, do remember.


This conclusion came to me actually when you guys started shilling this article on boards, telling that every crypto pro should read it: http://blockchainwhispers.com/a-penny-saved-is-a-penny-earned-my-father-used-to-repeat-to-me-for-that-i-hated-him-only/

... it's a lesson from my father applied to crypto.

So even if right now we were looking do dump immediately.. you know you're not out of danger even if market maker changes and decides to push up to 44xx or higher.

The Bitcoin wants and actually needs to make new lows, because this rejection, this weak rejection would hardly make any significant bull run. We need to see a new low and a violent rejection. Then we begin.


We will probably see a new low, violent rejection a higher low and a bull run. A re-test around 5-6k area going down a bit faking bear move and the up through the roof.

This is my prediction. I shared it with you based on all the top resources I as the leader of the most loved, most respected and most advanced crypto trading community I have at my disposal.

I want you to know it as this macro prediction can actually save you and make you more than any micro movement.

Thank you D man, but...

Which Altcoins Are A Good Investment In 2019.

Please, did you read the gem I just shared with you above?

Tell me, what happens with alts when btc is sinking? They moon?

Nope! They all go down.

Especially the shitcap (Trademark!) coins which you consider as smart investments.

Top coins lost 80-90%... shitcaps lost 90+% last year.

Does it mean I don't believe in alts?
Not at all. The same way I believe in Bitcoin, I know there will be tokens that will be amazing and do incredibly well. I just don't think it's time to invest right now.

Although I also don't think the same pattern will repeat and I do believe that some alts especially shitcaps will just disappear, going to zero. As they are useless.

This next bullrun will be more violent, YES, MORE PROFITABLE, and also quicker than anything else. You must be in it and ready to benefit.

After this bull run, it will not be a bubble burst. As there won't be any bubble.

It will simply remain and range.

And this is why you suffer losses in crypto etc, because you want to be in before that happens, not after.
There are big, institutional analysts predicting Bitcoin price (read this page!) to go to zero.

It won't happen. These guys do not understand Bitcoin's true nature as deflatory not inflatory asset. They compare it to fiat, and it can be never compared in analysis to fiat.

  1. There is a limited number of Bitcoins in existence!
  2. With more use asset becomes in higher demand.
  3. With higher demand the price someone is willing to pay for one is increased.

And there are MANY new ways to spend and use bitcoin in building right now - from the Post office in Liechtenstein to Lambo stores, to Uber, to ... 

THE SAME reasons why it was at $600 - the Chinese grey economy.

THE SAME reasons why it was at $100+ - the black market.

These things still exist. And growing! 

Plus the new top on reasons. So their idiotic predictions of Bitcoin going to zero would make sense if it would be My Dickland Currency or MDC and printed on digital notepad.

They don't understand Bitcoin.

If you truly want to understand Bitcoin, please go and read this article. Wait let me find it..

It shows you nicely why Bitcoin is not a DIGITAL, but a REAL asset.

Okay, let me wrap this.

Alts, if you buy now for a long 'investment' or hodl-ing - you're an idiot.  As you can buy twice or more as much when btc dips.

Yes, it involves all your favorite list of 1000+ shitcap coins.

Some alts are better than others, sure, and these will be mentioned in the upcoming Blockchain Whispers messages and posts, but right now, when knowing the right strategy... that the enemy will be attacking from air, you know not to spend your resources building road blocks... I helped you focus where it matters.

From there on, it's up to you soldier!

Love and here's a glass for the 1000th post!

We did it together!
Blockchain Whispers Baby!

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11m ago
Great post! You're THE MAN!
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11m ago
I can't Thank you enough for being so selfless & sharing so much with All of us. I remember when one day suddenly your Telegram channel on 26Aug18 was missing. Till then it was a one way conversation. I realize the worth after being unable to access your account. I quickly wrote to you requesting access to it. You then started this website & I got registered on 29th Aug18 on it. You have been spot on for all the details you shared with us. The 2018 article & it's 2019 followup has been a guiding page for planning the year. I mean it. I am happy you liked us finding about the article where you applied the wisdom your father gave you to Crypto. Even despite your health issues & churning in your team. Your focus to help the Crypto community did not diminish. Once again Thank you & I think its time to go back to previous articles & one would be amazingly surprised to find Gems of Wisdom there. Love You Broski
D Man
  • 204
11m ago
My friend, thank you. I mean it. Having amazing people like you follow me, motivates me to reach new heights of edge we at Blockchain Whispers can give to the followers.
  • 25
11m ago
I am a new member here but not new to buying/trading/hodling cryptocurrencies. It is in my veins now and without sounding like complete BS, it is usually the first and last thing on my mind when I sleep and wake. I am hurting on a big loss that has near wiped me out, my pile is now a very shallow one but with important lessons learned I am determined to grow it bit by bit. Will I make mistakes? Fuck Yeah, but hopefully not the same ones twice. So far D Mans words have touched a nerve like every crypto chump comment is made with him staring straight at me. But if enough of the good info flows to me via the free channel and blog posts, then I think I have a shot at climbing out of the pit.
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11m ago
What a wonderful piece you have written. Not those fearful professionals who mislead you with their write up. Since this new update, Blockchainwhispers have been my homepage. Each day, it's the first site I read through. Thank you D Man.
D Man
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11m ago
Wow sir, this, fulfills my vision - to have it as your crypto homepage. Thank you, you just made my day!
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Congrats on the 1000th post! You and your team do an amazing work :)
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11m ago
Keep it up. The space needs more people like yourself , thanks the great site !
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11m ago
read the post 2 times and the links 3 times people awesome stuf thanx D for shining the macro light on things
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Thanks for your hard work, D! Love&Respect, Mok!
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Dman @lovenatashas 1000 millions thanks for your wisdom sharing and love giving!!!....
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Speechless... Can't put what I feel right now in writing after reading did post... Love D... Chaiiiii....
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10m ago
Love you D man .. you are my hero
D Man
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10m ago
You guys are my heroes and motivation! Thank you.
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10m ago
Every single post of yours is a gem. A true gem! I hope people didn't skim through this one - it was full of useful information especially about ranging and your expectations for where BTC is heading. Nice work D Man, as always!
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Just read the post again and will continue to reread; Good shit D!
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10m ago
Smart write! This article is not only well written but inspiring. Ready for the coming dip. Thank you D Man! :)
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10m ago
It's like deja vu reading this article! I have been watching bitcoin real close and they are trying to squeeze out every last bit before they release the Kraken! If we can get to $2800 fast enough we should blow through that pesky $4200. Volatility is where the money is made. D is going to make a lot of Millionaires this year! I have been searching for a Service like this for 2 years. Glad to be aboard! Wholeness Wealth and abundance to all who have put in the effort here!
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Great Post, thanks once again D Man ... Guys please makes sure you read this gem post not once but twice , thrice .... 'n' number of times till you understand the key message that is explained very well in this milestone post .. it will save your hard earned money and will also give you good information/direction about the current market... Look for delayed gratification, remember no position is also a position in the market ... wish you all good luck ... D man I can't thank you enough for your time and effort that you put to give us so much knowledge, advice and wisdom ...
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10m ago
The amount of priceless knowledge that I've been blessed to acquire through my Telegram subscription with BlockChainWhispers (starting way back in Dec. 2017) has been 2nd to none. I remember, after seeing the 1st BCW post written by D man, reading it to my girl and telling her how much I really liked the way this guy wrote and how different it was from ALL the other groups I subscribed to. Since then, I have been coming back day in n day out to read D man's writings. Sometimes to gather more knowledge, and sometimes to be reminded of how amazing it is that we are here, participating in a movement as rare as the crypto movement at such an early stage. The few times I was actually considering going back to fiat and giving crypto up (due to the massive losses I suffered) all I had to do was head over to BCW Telegram page and there I would find a poetic post (written by D man) reminding me of the amazing future crypto has. This would always spark the original fire I had in my heart, the one that brought me to crypto in the 1st place, the one that I'd just about forgotten. D man has this gift, like the greatest sports coaches of all-time, to rally his team up, give them the heart, tools, and determination (even in the worst of times) to beat any other team, and actually go out there and do the crushing! For these (and many other) reasons, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, D man! I really hope to have the privilege of shaking your hand someday my friend. Maybe even have a drink, chill w/some Natasha's, and/or smoke a lil bit of Denver, CO, USA's (My hometown) finest greenery with you... Lol Luv ya D man!
D Man
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8m ago
I love you too my friend! Thank you.