0x (ZRX) Marketcap: $806 918 612 USD current price: $1,53...

circulating supply: 526 950 050 ZRX
total supply: 1 000 000 000 ZRX

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Value Proposition:

The 0x protocol is an open protocol for decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain,
it facilitates peer-to-peer exchange of ERC20 tokens. This is not a decentralized exchange!
It is a protocol to build a decentralized exchange on top. The token is used secondary for paying
fees and primary as governance mechanism for protocol upgrades. The potential for decentralized
exchanges is huge, do not think about normal exchanges. Think about decentralized margin trading,
securities trading, stablecoin converters, dark pools, decentralized sports betting, synthetic stock
futures, derivatives, mirror trading, NFTs (Non-fungible-tokens) etc..
there are already groups working on this applications, on top of the 0x protocol.
If you followed my previous work you will remember that NFTs and tokenized securities are the
most valueable use-cases for Ethereum in my opinion.
This is a underlying protocol to enable all this. The team is highly respected in the Ethereum
ecosystem and it is a fact that there is no protocol in the crypto scene that has more applications
build on it than 0x. For example, these dapps are using or planning to use 0x:
Aragon, Auctus, Augur, b0x, Blocknet, ChronoBank, Dharma, District0x, dYdX, EasyTrade, Hut34 Project,
Lendroid, Maker, MelonPort, OpenANX, Request Network.
+ 16 relayers, for example RadarRelay and The Ocean.
"0x has done more for Ethereum than any other ICO", this was tweeted by an Analyst from a well-known
cryptocurrency-investing fund. And retweeted from Coinbase's CEO!!!

Coinbase Listing and Goldman Sachs connection:
I observed several points that led me to the conclusion that 0x will be listed at Coinbase or used
as an underlying protocol for their ERC20-trading operation this year.

1. the ZRX token is fully compliant with the requirements for new listings that GDAX published
2. three from four Advisors to 0x are employees of Coinbase, including Fred Ehrsam which is the co-founder
of Coinbase.
3. Coinbase would profit from having a "cheap token" listed. An asset that is priced under 10$
4. ZRX team was seen on multiple occassions at the Coinbase office in the last weeks
5. ZRX is the best and most usefull ERC20 token that exists right now

Another interesting detail is that Ocean X (build on 0x) has ties to Goldmans Sachs, which aims
to open a cryptocurrency trading desk at Wall Street in the coming months.

Market Prediction:

I excpect solid and fast growth till August, where i expect the listing to occur.
x7 could be possible with positive market sentiment. x4 is almost guaranteed
(almost. in crypto is nothing 100%, but when nothing big and unforeseen happens with the markets
then this is a sure thing).

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