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see you inside.

P.S. In this crazy times... we did signal XLM and Ripple. The only green coins. Imagine what we will do, together, when finally the patience starts paying dividends!


Bitcoin dipping with taken Hashrate, XLM and Ripple broke off of Bitcoin

This is a historic moment, as Bitcoin was always the king, followed by every alt in the game.

Now for the first time, Ripple and XLM are behaving completely separately from BTC.

There is no confirmed reversal yet, or anything... and this dip can go further down or reverse from now - a no trade zone.

This is very tough moment for Bitcoin holders, bull-dreamers, us ordinary guys planning to be making nice bucks from crypto.

This thing extends and the only thing on the horizon is Bakkt.

That is the negative news.

The positive is: in order for a PROPER bullrun to begin, a strong, badass, bullrun... this had to happen.

These red dildos are discouraging even the strongest believers, however, what we speculate about is only a small timeframe in 10 year btc cycle.

Bitcoin had these cycles, bitcoin got up after every single one of them stronger and bigger.

Positive things: 1) Bakkt on 12th Dec 2) End of year and grand tax evasion scheme by purchasing bitcoins

Negative things... none except the hash reduced from bitcoin (already ongoing and paying the price for it) and institutions willing to enter bakkt at best price possible (although they are happy with 6k also).

In an event of a bull momentum starting, it will go up, and break 5800, close above, break 6400 and close above... that will be a confirmation.


Your fellow believer


Levels Of Bitcoin (And Crypto) Trading Signals Accuracy

I wanted to write this article yesterday, but then I reminded myself it's 2AM, and time to go to sleep.

So as I was trying to fall asleep, I was thinking about how to present it to you.

There are 4 key levels of accuracy defined by trading style / decision source that limit your trading success.

Level 1: The Least Accurate Crypto Trading Signals - Listening To The Public

The odds of your Bitcoin Signals turning success: 1 in 15

The odds of your Altcoin Signals turning a success: 1 in 8

The public is 90% wrong, and when they are wrong, public cuts losses late and wins early. Remember this. 

The public is so inaccurate that CNBC was 'famous' for a while for being a 95% inaccurate, and very good medium for counter-trading. that 95% gives you approximate odds public has versus the pros.

Listening to public forums is worse than...

Level 2: Almost As Bad Crypto Trading Signals - Listening To Your Gut

The odds of your Bitcoin signals turning a success: 1 in 10

The odds of your altcoin signals turning a success: 1 in 4

Yes, there is the sixth sense, and all that, but for the matter of practical discussion, let's admit it - you are not a Yogi, and you are not so fine-tuned with your gut... so basically what you do is gamble. The problem with that is, your odds are not even 50-50, because if you leverage bitcoin, or use any kind of stop loss - very frequently you are caught by a stop hunt, that just triggers your stop and then goes into the right direction - even the one you suspected as right. Thus your odds are not a coin flip 50% up and 50% down. It's way worse.

For non-leveraged alts, the odds are significantly better, still far from beneficial for you.

Level 3:  Okay altcoin signals, and still not tradeable Bitcoin signals - Listening to public TA

The odds of your Bitcoin signals turning a success: 1 in 7

The odds of your altcoin signals turning a success: 2 in 5

The major problem with free, public TAs is what we witnessed at Blockchain Whispers when we reached major following, the perfect signal turned the opposite direction. Also, public TA is just a bit more select group of people that have the same public knowledge but just dig a bit deeper... CNBC was 95% inaccurate... public TAs are around 70% inaccurate.

They use the same tools, see the same things, 20 years ago TA was a revolution, an edge... now it's a method to fool masses who still base trades on RSI, FIB and MACD.

Level 4: Professionals

Odds of your bitcoin signals turning a success: 6 in 10, 7 in 10, 8 in 10 (world class) and 9 in 10 (very rare cases).

The odds of your altcoin signals turning a success: 7 in 10, 8 in 10 and 9 in 10 (very frequent in bitcoin favorable times)

Most of the professionals earning a good living trading are at around 7 out of 10 accuracy, and with proper portfolio management, they can work, get hired or even trade for themselves all day long. Of course professional crypto traders are a new breed, and most struggling are coming from stocks, and most accurate that I saw are coming from forex background.

Still, the adjusting even from forex is needed. Crypto is a body within itself.

Now remember this, NO professional trader, can have 10/10 accuracy for a long time. It is impossible. The limitations of historic predictions are around 8 out of 10 and those 9/10 that I mentioned are a stretch... either a good momentum, or a big chunk of luck. 8 out of ten or 8.5/10 is where top pros reside.

At Blockchain Whispers I am looking for 8+ out of 10 traders. I have one that is 9 out of 10 but I still believe it is just a period of statistical anomaly.

Unfortunately, the most accurate bitcoin traders are:

Level 5: The Insiders
The odds of your Bitcoin signals turning a success: 19 in 20
The odds of your altcoin signals turning a success: 48 in 50 (volatile btc times) and 49 in 50 (stable btc times)

Owning an exchange, seeing the stops, liquidation points, orders... and in some cases (BitMEX) allowing you to block the trading of others when you see fit (system overload example Bitmex uses often)... beats TA, FA, and pretty much anything else.

Obviously Bitmex has the highest insider edge, and is pushing upwards that 19 out of 20... while other exchanges, whale groups, etc are specialized either for longer timeframes, or concentrated micro moves.

Imagine for example a factor many traders take into account - Bitfinex shorts vs longs... Bitfinex prints tether, they made the whole operation for controling the outcome... why don't you think they can't put their own 'longs' or 'shorts' and fool that figure?

And what happens in rare cases when those insiders fail?

Sometimes, like the recent example, they refuse to lose - so we saw a big discrepancy between Binance price and Bitmex price, with coinbase being one group Bitfinex another...

And now you think you can't win?

Wrong. You can. Because they all need retail investors.
And retail investors won't trade if they never win, and if you have an edge over 90% of retail investors, you are in nice profit. But use this article as a big realization, and that is... 

The Portfolio Management - Because You Will Never Be Right Forever

Great, great example is Sicario
Bitmex Signals if you managed at the end of the cycle with Sicario to end up in loss, your portfolio management is fomo-terrible.

But cry not, it can be easily fixed.

For starters, use 5% of your total portfolio per call. Always the same amount. Always respecting the leverage, and finally... be willing to miss a trade if you are late and your entry doesn't fulfill.

The time will come when all those institutions will be rekt... Bitmex, Bitfinex, Coinbase... actually Coinbase and Binance latest (if at all) as they play cleaner game, but that time won't come soon. And for the matter of fact, they are NOT your problem. For Bitmex and Bitfinex, as manipulative as they are you have to be grateful because they let you trade... and if you ever have a better choice, you will go there and never look back. 

(Maybe Deribit makes some progress!)

Until then... keep on hustling, with higher discipline, because as the greatest investor of all times said: the market is moving money from inpatient to patient.

Be patient, stay believing, Bitcoin to the moon,


I Will Lead You...

If Bitcoin goes down, we will short it.

If Bitcoin goes up we will hold it.

If it goes sideways, we will trade alts.

I got through a bunch to get this trading team that is probably the most accurate in the world at the moment... what's the use if I can't help my guys who helped me get here.

The only thing over which we don't have an edge are unpredicted things like, wallet deciding to drop bitcoin at market price, or any self-harming thing like the bch fork market manipulation.

Over 99% of things Blockchain Whispers has an edge, and that means, you have an edge.

Free or premium, I'll be here for you, and together,

we will show them that for us it makes no sense to sell Bitcoin at low fee and later for some fatcat to smile at us when it is in 2020 $150k a pop.

50k a pop, 500k... doesn't matter. What matters is, we went through troubles and storms of bear times, we are holding it. I get weekly requests for big bitcoin purchases. It means, the big wallets know the future is in Bitcoin.

Stay cool,


A Scammer Versus Scammer

The following is my opinion...

Bitcoin Cash is the biggest cap scam coin in existence.

History of Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Cash was made with pure purpose just to compete with Bitcoin and that the founders have 'free money'.

Now Bitcoin Cash is at the fork. It will be a fight till the end until just one Bitcoin Cash survives.

Roger Ver - A Liar Vs. Craig Wright - A Liar

It's interesting how they find their own...

Craig Wright figure is now all cocky on his twitter, calling people dumb for believing in Bitcoin, that Bitcoin (and of course only his version) will survive.

Let me remind you that is the guy that claimed publicly to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

A Quick proof he isn't: Why would you, if you created a superior currency, go later to create an inferior currency and try to compete with your own currency?

He maybe wiped ass of Satoshi Nakamoto, cocky prick.

On the other hand there is Roger Ver - who went distances to beat bitcoin but he never managed to do so. He owns where he promotes bitcoin cash, he misused admin access at - he planned 'insider' attack on Bitcoin this August... 

he failed at all... why the heck he thinks it will be different now that he is at war with one of his kind another scammer and liar Craig Wright?

A battle for BCH hash rate and the 51% attack

Bitcoin Cash doesn't have replay protection. It means what's transacted on one chain it's transacted on another.. so whoever controls the 51%, can: 1) reject transactions on other inferior chain or 2) make false spends

Still think Bitcoin Cash is your currency of choice?

Would you like to invest your money, let's imagine a gun to your head and you have only one currency to pick that you want to hold all your money safe for you that you will access in three years from now - would you pick a coin that one of those two fuckers is leading (Bitcoin cash) or a coin that is truly leaderless, ego-less (from the day 0 Satoshi Nakamoto was a pseudonym, to enable true blockchain experience. And guys with their own names, framing their pictures and promoting blockchain are as fake as it goes).

They will beat themselves to death...

One will lose all... and one will rule Bitcoin Cash for as long as crypto is tolerating shit coins.

Once crypto reaches critical mass, shit projects will be abandoned. There will be only one currency, and all others will be tokens used for something other than currency payments.

Bitcoin will be upgraded with layer 2 and with community voting.

There is no need for Satoshi Nakamoto to show his face and collect twitter likes.

Satoshi Nakamoto created crypto.

Satoshi Nakamoto lives crypto.



War... The Final Empire

If you are unaware of what is going on, here's a brief summary:

Two groups of BCH guys want to make their BCH the main one and get all the power in it.

Bitcoin Cash is designed from the day one with only one purpose, to destroy bitcoin.

Now, you might say hey they are succeeding, but think again... bitcoin at this level of wallet-inequality is EASY to crush what $1000?

They are little cockroaches that did it...

And Bitcoin is leaderless.

It doesn't make it weak. It makes it strong. Because no shit like BCH thing is going to happen with BTC. It might face dips as greedy people get manipulated into changing mining... but it's only temporary, not sustainable.

Can BTC dip to what they predict $1000? Sure... and?

Bitcoin's actual value, hardcore value is around $800. It can't go under that. Under no circumstances.

And what is BCH real value?

Under $1 dollar!!!

When Chinese used it for smuggling money out of the communist system country it was around 750, and now it got even more uses.

Let's compare it for a moment...

800 vs 1

that are the odds of bitcoin cash out earning bitcoin.

Bitcoin being leaderless means it's actually MORE resilient to bullshit over time. The keyword: over time. In short term, it can get fucked because it doesn't take counter-actions to protect itself.

To all of you who lost money yesterday, do not blame yourself. This was not charted. It was not your fault. It's the risk of the game. Don't analyze your entries, or stuff... it was not your move.

However, what is your move is now. And now is a no trade zone.

I knew, personally, through an amazing insider to long BCH since yesterday. I entered the trade and then I exited it at the same amount. I said, listen, I'm too stressed for trading, this is too volatile, I am not trading on that day. It reached huge gains, yet I am not sorry I didn't trade. It was the right move.

So should you, don't think about the gains, you are not missing anything. Basically you're gambling now as they are doing a hashrate war, you are gambling on a few individuals who will do the move next. You get one side, bch tanks, you get other side bch goes up... you get one insider deal btc goes down, or it goes up... 

I think what I'll tell you now will illustrate you a point properly...

One body, yesterday liquidated itself on purpose, with 10 million contracts between 50 and 250 times. They are spending bitcoin cash money to wage this war.

However, if they fail... Bitcoin cash, that just used the money for waging a war... will dip into nothingness. Quickly or over time, is another matter of discussion. In this war, NOTHING is at stake for Bitcoin, and everything, money, value, so much risk is at stake of BCH.

Who do you bet on?



Trading Disaster

Today what happened with crypto is beyond manipulated.


Imagine you play a poker and the deck is rigged (bitmex, bitfinex, big exchanges except Binance afaik), the players have aces up their sleeves (small groups of whales still control 90% of the coins), and if everything fails, you play at their territory and they can change the rules of the game mid way.

This move today was not forseen, but crying over spilled milk makes no sense, and if we don't learn something from it it becomes an expensive lesson that WILL repeat.

First, what we did right:

We used stops, so we didn't get liquidated.

We respected stops, so we didn't fomo.

We didn't re-enter positions on fomo.

What we did wrong? I really don't know.

This was impossible to predict, these are the only signs I notice that might help in the future:

1) we stayed for longer time frame at the lowest wick expected territory 6212-6200 - for more than 3 hours.

2) longs were big on bitfinex

If we stretch it:

3) BCH is designed to be competitor of BTC, the biggest moves are happening now and mining wars are going on... btc got reduced hash rate and that could give us a red flag, but even in the most stretched scenario - it doesn't make it no trade zone - the btc, as it's still the king.

So we must understand, sometimes we do everything good, but we just accepted this game.

The whole crypto game depends on our belief in bitcoin. The value of bitcoin is highly manipulated. It makes it highly rewarding, but also it makes it highly risky at the same time. I am bullish on bitcoin, I can't fucking imagine that on 9th of December, and 10th and 11th we won't be seeing big fat green candles...

However, what's the right moment for entry... unfortunately, at leveraged position I can't tell you. For non leveraged it is - just hold.


What if you hold alts? 

My highest recommendation is NOT to sell any now. With presupposition of Bitcoin being bullish and perspective asset, selling now might mean we sold too low.

What is my hunch what happened?

A group of fat btc wallets are preparing the territory for the institutional investments. Whether it's their grey off-the-books money, these dumps are made by these wallets losing money with market selling through the walls... so they did it for a reason. And liquidity wasn't the main one, as liquidity was fully reached at 6200... I think it prepared the entry for someone to enter with bigger chunk and de-motivating retail (us) investors to be willing to sell btc.

Lower price is not important here, it's taking away people's hope, and reason for holding.

So let's show them we won't give up hope. Yes, it's early days of bitcoin, but it survived ten harder years than this one... we are holding, and let them sweat to get it if they want it.

With you in dips and pumps!


The Moment We Have Been Waiting For


The moment we have been waiting for, played out exactly as predicted, the dip to this area and now it should start recovering and pumping... I am bullish on bitcoin now. 

If it drops more it will invalidate it. But this is precisely according to Blockchain Whispers plan outlined before and now we should see big rise of Bitcoin. 

I have to inform you because you're my guys.

Yeah baby... it's slow-ass action, but came exactly where predicted. Now the time to move up.


Unders SIGNALS - you can for free - if you register Blockchain Whispers account - get the more details on what's happening to btc now.


Why I fell in love with crypto?

It wasn't money. I was doing great (still better even) at my previous business than here.

Here I give my all, I worked some of most badass shifts I ever did... until April when my doctor told me to change some things... I would frequently sleep and wake every couple hours to update you on the calls, trade for you etc.

Then I stopped trading.

I couldn't do it as actively for health reasons, but I was determined to make this into an opportunity... to make Blockchain Whispers grow beyond just me.

Today I want to help all the great people in my team that make this possible.

Without my team, it would be lonely, hard, probably not even healthy... and even not that accurate.

I am lucky and fortunate that I found for you traders that are on the top of the world with accuracy. And I want to thank them here.

I knew that I am doing something right when coin makers started sending me insiders.

I knew that I am born for this when trades above my budget, would join in for free and be bigger professionals than the those paid even.

I knew I have a family here when I saw traders, and support team offer me reduced salaries in bear times, and then I knew..

I have a special team!
In this journey in crypto I met a couple of really good, loyal friends. At first more the naysayers and competitors would bug me... but now I evolved past that, I watched the interview with Dana White (6 billion dollar man, the founder of UFC) where he said it's normal whenever you're doing something worthy of doing and that they can even fuel you.

The good people in crypto impressed me, truly.

Followers that couldn't afford premium out of gratitude for the free stuff they got, would even report me guys who would send them premium stuff for free... and some say people in crypto are greedy?

Yes, some are, but some have loyalties and other human qualities above that.

It's not greed if you want to make a lot of money to do everything you want. You shouldn't feel bad about it... Heck, imagine you have 1 coin 1 dollar od whatever... and if you use say Premium signals and make 2x, you shouldn't stop and say hey I made enough... only if you truly did fulfill your dreams... otherwise, do not stop until they are achieved.

So today, I want to thank every single good person that helped Blockchain Whispers become what it is today. Every voter, member, follower, teammate.... thank you.

You are the core of Blockchain Whispers, not me, I'm now just a skipper - navigate through the crypto jungle in search for accuracy and good people that could benefit it.

Grateful, yours,

The Circle Makes 20.53% Overnight - First Call, First Win (Good Start!)

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The Circle Promised To De-Throne Sicario Cartel... Within 12 calls!

Sicario Cartel had the first ten calls nine accurate, and one miss.

See past trades here.

Now, after following for a while, I am bringing you The Circle - crypto prediction force that boldly announces will out-throne Sicario.

The call one is about to be made... 

To make the challenge more interesting, I give The Circle 10 calls, not 12... so to beat Sicario, it needs 10 out of 10 accuracy. 

Taking your guesses - could The Circle outthrone Sicario?

The calls will be given 1 free-for-all, 1 Premium-only, until 10 calls are given in Premium and 10 in free. If The Circle manages to make 2 failed calls in any group, before the ten calls are given, it's out and no further calls given.

Let the profit-making games begin!

Blockchain Whispers Baby!


Stablecoins - An Overview

What are Stablecoins?

Stablecoins are a new class of cryptocurrencies with a fixed price and the goal of providing price stability. The price is usually pegged to $1 USD per unit. Stablecoins try to bridge the gap between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. This type of asset is used for:
  • Trading: parking money on the sidelines which doesn't appreciate or depreciate
  • Crypto-based lending and derivatives market
  • Remittance: an Asset for cross-border transactions which don't change its price per unit in the process of transacting
  • Commerce & Payments: businesses that accept day-to-day payments with Cryptocurrency need to avoid volatility
  • Long-term Hedging: miners, for example, can lock in their profits in a non-volatile asset

We make a distinction between distributed Stablecoins and centralized Stablecoin. Distributed Stablecoins like DAI aim to combine censorship resistance with the price stability of traditional financial assets, such as the US Dollar or gold. Centralized Stablecoins like Tether and USD-Coin aim to provide a digital equivalent of the US Dollar with a fixed price.

How do Stablecoins work?

There are four types of Stablecoins which are using different approaches to reach the same goal:
  • Asset-backed Stablecoins: Every unit is backed by a physical asset like US Dollar. Basically, this represents an IOU.
    Examples: Tether, True USD, USD Coin, Gemini Dollar
  • Crypto-collateral Stablecoins: Every unit is backed by another Cryptoasset with a liquidation premium. These assets are held in collateral. 
    Examples: MakerDAI and Havven
  • Mechanism Desing Stablecoins: Central Bank Mechanisms are designed to control the units price stability, the peg is maintained by increasing and decreasing the supply.
    Examples: Basis, Carbon, Basecoin, and Kowala.
  • Hybrid Stablecoins: Combination of two or more of the models. 
    Examples: SAGA

What are the advantages and disadvantages of every type of stablecoins?

In my opinion, Asset-backed Stablecoins are the best solution. This type uses $1 USD in a bank account for every unit of the digital currency in circulation. So every unit is backed on a one-to-one basis with one physical US-Dollar. The downside is the level of transparency, in some cases, it cannot be verified that this promise holds true.

Any user has to know who is the banking partner and which types of debt instruments, if any, is the issuer allowed to hold?

The new generation of Asset-backed Stablecoins is issued by a central authority, for example, USD Coin (USDC) was created by Coinbase and Circle. These are trusted entities which put their reputation at stake and they USD-reserves are regularly audited.

In stark contrast to Tether (USDT) which is issued by Tether Limited (same people who are behind Bitfinex) and they operate outside the US in dubious island states.
The big downside of regulated Stablecoins like USDC is that the entities behind it can censor, delete or call-back transactions.

These are centralized Stablecoins, they offer high transparency and security but sacrifice censorship-resistance.

This brings us to Crypto-collateral Stablecoins which are distributed Stablecoins. They offer censorship-resistance but lack security.

For example, the MakerDAO protocol which issues the DAI Stablecoin. MakerDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization on top of the Ethereum ecosystem with the goal of issuing for governing the creation of the Stablecoin DAI. DAI is simply a loan against Ethereum. Anyone can create it by providing ETH as collateral. It works like this:

  1. ETH is turned to wrapped ETH (WETH) which is an ERC20 wrapping around ETH. So, your ETH gets "tokenized".
  2. WETH is turned into “pooled ETH” (PETH), this means it is added to a large pool of ETH which serves as collateral for all DAI created.
  3. With PETH you can create a “collateralized debt position” (CDP), which locks up your PETH and allows you to draw Dai against your collateral.
  4. When you create DAI the ratio of debt in the CDP increases and there is a limit of a maximum amount of DAI you can create against your CDP.
  5. The newly created DAI can be transferred or spend. 

When DAI is worth above $1, mechanisms step in to decrease the price and when one DAI is worth below $1 mechanisms to increase the price step in. Market makers are part of these mechanisms because they earn money anytime Dai is not perfectly worth $1. If someone opens a CDP, he/she can draw a maximum of 60% of the value in Dai, for example, if you draw up 10 000 USD in ETH you can create a maximum of 6000 DAI. It the collateralized ETH now falls in price the collateral could get liquidated.

This is a very complex system, the advantage is censorship-resistance but the downsides are that this thing is wholly dependent on the survival of the Ethereum ecosystem and it is highly experimental and not tested for long.

Even more complex are the Stablecoins that work with Mechanism Design. They are not collateralized by fiat or cryptocurrencies, instead, they use a crude mixture of behavioral economics and Math to keep the peg intact. Basically, they create a “central bank”  that algorithmically maintains the supply of currency, increasing it when the price goes up and decreasing it when the price goes down.

They create a substitute for physical dollars and cryptocurrencies. This is dangerous, because if their Stablecoin trades below 1 USD the issuers must spend hard dollars, Bitcoin, or Ether to restore the peg.

This is dangerous because future expectations for seigniorage shares means that it cannot be known how resilient a coin is to downward pressure and the system requires always increasing future demand. An additional risk is added by the use of smart contracts to control the supply schedule. These contracts rely on Oracles who provide the system with external data. They are prone to manipulation and the so-called "Oracle Problem" is not solved. Examples of this are Basecoin and Basis.


Stablecoins are highly experimental at the moment. They must trustworthy solution today are fiat-backed Stablecoins that are issued by a trusted entity. The best are USD Coin (USDC) and Gemini Dollar (GUSD). Although they are not censorship-resistant, they are issued by legally approved companies within the United States. 

Tether (USDT) has the highest marketcap of all Stablecoins, it is Asset-backed but operates outside of regulated financial systems. After a ton of research, we are convinced that USDT is legit and has serious banking partners at the moment, but this can change very quickly. So, why take the risk if you have access to fully compliant Stablecoins like USDC?

The only advantage of Tether against USDC and GUSD is that the latter two are ERC20-tokens and Tether (USDT) works on the Ethereum and the Omni ecosystem parallel. 

If you value censorship-resistance over security and liquidity, go for DAI. We recommend our clients to stay away from Mechanism Design Stablecoins for now. They are too complex, prone to manipulation and depend on smart contracts and oracles.

Mr. Y
Analyst at - a top crypto trading team

For our crypto signals, register and click on the signals tab at:


Questions, feedback? Feel free to comment to share some Blockchain Whispers love :)





I am very bullish

I expect this week a green candle up to appear, a big one.

We can now liquidate some high leverage fomo longs... 

we entered btc and called alt season when no one did. Now they all caught up, what does the btc has to do now... it has to correct down a bit to wreck them out of their fomo money, and then it goes up to start green dildo candles up to liquidate low leverage shorters. That is the most favorable play at the moment. Which makes me very bullish, holding our alt positions both free that you got XLM and Premium (everything else...)

These are our times now brother!


What Does The Most Accurate Channel Do When It Makes A Stupid Inaccurate Call?

if you follow Sicario cartel, you made in less than two months, 274% profit from the free calls.

But what does it happen when a call gets stopped?

It happened three times already. Out of sixteen good calls.

What you do is Analyze and take lessons. What was avoidable and what wasn't.

The most recent, Bitcoin Cash was a stupid call in itself.

I (D), got into a discussion with a team about BCH and TA based, yes, BCH was to be shorted, but Fundamental analysis always beats technical, and there was no reason for it to dip strongly down, at least not good enough reason to signal a short. It was the perfect no entry trade or take profit from long if you were in from the dip (like we were in Premium).

So Sicario came to me before the bed and said: "Signal this! It's going to go down hard, making us big gains!)...

and I was like three times: "but what you base the call at" and it should have been my big red flag when I got the answer: "TA" and I'd ask what you mean and to get answer "TA is technical analysis"...


Well, I know what TA is... I didn't know that they don't know what FA is. And it seems right. Sicario never did a call based on fundamentals analysis. They trade the hardest asset accurately of all, Bitcoin, on leverage... because they have findings into patterns that work well in these times. I have never seen them trade based on news, except for call cancellation. I have noticed whenever some big news like when Bakkt released the date (12th December), Sicario got out of positions to see how it develops.

My team did the analysis on bch and it was a clear no trade... but Sicario confidence, track record got me to do a mistake - to announce it because of fear my premiums will miss out on huge gains... Sicario call I didn't agree on.

Note: it wasn't a mistake that I let Sicario team post it on the calculator page - it's free and it's their track record. It's a mistake, I got sucked in for Premiums disregarding the previous analysis.

So what you do on a losing (stupid) call... 

you take notes, you take lessons. The more accurate lessons you take, the faster you will develop into being unbeatable. And when you do it, then you continue with lessons, because you will never be 100% accurate, but when you find that mistake that was unavoidable and that you can spot, this is the reason to celebrate, because it just got you one level further into accuracy, success and profit.



What To Do In An Event Of Bitcoin Going Down To 6000-5800 Or Below?

Bitcoin is still more pro-long than pro short.

Sicario predicted $120 move up on leverage and closed it, but playing safely brought us 'just' about 5.6% profit.

(For sicario trades, keep an eye at: )

Bitcoin is now on the verge of doing something big.

There are two,... three big forces at play, and neither is so secretive as people want to believe.

Bullish: Bitmain the billionaire mining giant

Bitmain does not have in its best interest to see Bitcoin under 5k.

All mining machines stop being profitable (on avg),.. their entire industry is gone. Of course they will do something about it.

That is our pro booster of Bitcoin.

Neutral, Double-Edged: Bakkt

With Bakkt there are two things, it is bullish in itself, but also it is on 12th of December... and it is not in interest of big investors to see a massive price rise before that time. We talk about big institutions who already have lots of bitcoin with their black money or under-the-book money.

Having bitcoin at 12k before 12th of December makes no sense for them.

Negative: Bitmex, Banks

Bitmex in itself, although I blame it for many things, it is not per-se cheering for Bitcoin to go down, just their offer of highly leveraged bitcoin shorting makes it dominant force in making a price.

Banks: How do you get the mass to abandon a critically-threatening project for your survival if laws cannot help.

Now this is the meat of the problem.

First goes the hope of the people as bitcoin goes down they are still hoping, to see the bullish times, then they suffer big losses, then you drag it... and as you drag it turns into frustration, and frustration in weak souls (the mass as general) turns into giving up.

And then the PEOPLE tell the people on the question: "what you think of bitcoin"... "aaah, forget about it" one to another.

You see where I'm going?

Do NOT forget that the entire marketcap of bitcoin is 200 billion. That is the same amount banks over the world earn in commissions PER DAY!

It is like sending guys with bows and arrow against American army. 

So now we dragged it down... this entire year entered into a speedy correction because just one institution got 500k btc that is enough to control the entire market for a YEAR!

However, right now pre-bakkt I do not think it's the banks that are supressing the price. Right now... the good thing is with Blockchain Whispers you, in most cases, know in advance when some shit is going to happen and have time to prepare.

For example, by the end of this weekend I'll know with 90% certainty if the 5800 range happens before the 6738.

My hunch would say no, but my hunch is based on one secret sauce I can't disclose as this thing would spread like a wildfire publicly, however do know that I use this secret sauce to inform you timely on happenings ahead of time. And this secret sauce can tolerate btc going shortly and sharply to 6000... 5800 levels and below would wreck it totally.

So by the end of the weekend, I will know. For now it is neutral zone, I expect a slight dip. A dip is usual for this weekend time, lower volume, and good time for our alts to go up (Premium members caught this Bitcoin cash pump on the very bottom and rode it like a man just released from prison would ride a hot Russian stripper)... we sold it, and now enjoying the gains and spectating the movement this weekend.

I will inform you and this is like a foundation for you to understand and what to prepare on.

Still bullish, still great timing for entries if you haven't... only keep a list of your purchases in case the wind changes it's direction (again, my secret sauce is strongly against it)... but, you'll be informed and prepared. Being unbiased gives us an edge. Changing direction in trading is normal, and actually preferable. It's suckers those who stick with the losing trade... winners adjust. And we profitably adjust... we were long, we got $120+ move up, we sold... we wait to get good odds and confirmation, then we will probably long again, etc. This is what I teach you - put emotions aside, stop being a fish, trust your own eyes... have you seen this level of accuracy anywhere else? win after win not in easy trades like let's buy alt X when alts are bullish... but bitcoin moves in the highest uncertainty period in a long time...

Blockchain Whispers Baby is here with you,

stay tuned, be badass... see you in trade!


Tether Confirms New Banking Partner Deltec - Bithump Launching US Securities Exchange - Bitcoins 10th Birthday
Tether Confirms New Banking Partner Deltec

Tether Limited, the company behind Stablecoin Tether (USDT) issued a statement today:
"Tether Limited is pleased to confirm that it has established a banking relationship with Deltec Bank & Trust Limited (“Deltec”), a 72-year-old financial institution with headquarters in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas."
"Tether Limited is registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of the US Department of the Treasury and maintains the highest standards of AML/CFT procedures. USDT in the market are fully backed by US dollars that are safely deposited in our bank accounts."
- Deltec Bank

Bithump Launching US Securities Exchange

South Korean Cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb has formed a partnership with blockchain fundraising platform SeriesOne with the goal of opening an US Securites Exchange. The launch is scheduled for Q3 2019.

Bitcoins 10th Birthday

On 31. October 2008 the Bitcoin Whitepaper was released. It went from a vision of independence to a 100 billion $ assetclass with worldwide recognition in just 10 years. And the best is yet to come...
Bitcoin Signals by The Most Accurate Crypto Traders In The World

Out of top 100 alts until September only 4 alts this year were green, 96 were red.

Out of four green alts, we announced 3.

There was only one big gainer with big volume that did 20x, it was pundix this year.

We announced that.

We announced ZRX to list on Coinbase before anyone, based on deep analysis of their requirements and tokens matching them, the team, and their collaborations.

We announced ZIL before it even hit binance.

We announced ONT that did 8.5x this year.

While others mostly were dipping and dipping this year.

So who has the most accurate crypto trading signals on the planet?

One follower recently explained myself to a new member who were wondering whether our crypto signals are not only accurate but also legit. This was the answer by our long-time follower to a new follower:

"Dude, I follow BCW since ~January (I read about it in Coin Telegraph i think). I have been paying close attention to the calls and they are no scam. They are legit.

 I know how u feel. It is very hard to find a good group. I have been in 2 other P&D groups and got burned from the first one. Small burn, but enough to set my trust to 0. So was very cautious. I just started trading by the calls 2 months or so ago (remember I follow BCW from the start of 2018). 

Followed the ZIL and PundiX calls very very closely since I had these from their ICOs. Also legit.

So, D man is a nice guy. Cool dude. He sounds cocky (he has to market his service u know - he will not pay for the team from his own pocket after all), but if you can't feel his sincere than just do the paper trading until u feel secure. 

So at the end I hope you don't end up like me - regretting not making trades earlier and not staking the full 10% for each signal."

This is the nicest thing when you see your followers explain you in the words you can't yourself. That 'cocky' attitude comes from my desire and frustration as there is no fucking way for me to SHOW you we are the most accurate crypto trading team in the world unless... if you open your own eyes.

If someone would show me ANYTHING this accurate, from betting on which corn will pop into a popcorn first... or football matches or roulette spins or anything... with such accuracy, you bet your ass I'd pay a careful focus with a sense of excitement.

Because it's one thing what I 'promise' will happen in my paid premium signaling service. That you can or cannot trust.. but the free signals, something you see with your very own eyes before paying a dime... if you don't trust that, then it makes me question either I'm not explaining something well (and thus 'cocky' out of frustration) or excuse my french... you are dumb as fuck.

Many followers recognized the opportunity, and hop on board in our premium service. But some wait for what? for 10x?

It's like I ask you

Do you want to multiply your portfolio at 2x or 8x speed and you choose 2x.

That's how I see the difference between my free and my premium group - safer, equally accurate, just more, faster, top, before, greater.

This is not a call for you to join Premium. By now you should at least have a plan to make your own decision, and what proof you want to get - but trust me, by the time you decide to join there might be too late: golden times gone, membership at cap (happened 4 times already this year), smaller gains (I can make us gains only for as long as we are the smart minority, not majority... so soon I won't be able to show off accuracy for free anymore, due to the fact I am exponentially gaining more followers by the day, Sicario became a brand for bitcoin leverage accuracy, D man for being obsessed with boobs and fit, hot Natashas and Blockchain Whispers for being the most accurate crypto trading team in the world!

It didn't happen overnight though

The Journey To Become The Most Accurate Crypto Trading Team In The World (And Signalling Service Along The Way!)

First I was showed that Bitcoin loves me when I by accident bought low very low and sold at the very top. 

Then there were 12 partners in Blockchain Whispers... and my love, my drive got 'D man' to push further and eventually me leading the Blockchain Whispers alone with partners not interfering with what I do.

Bit by bit we were down to just two partners as they saw my love for Blockchain Whispers and they decided they love to run fund more than to fuck with a bunch of noobs that blame you for every mistake they make.

I love people, so I found myself in this.

And then Bitcoin gave me some tough love - the first bear hit.

We accurately announced the dip, we announced to get out of the market... but what the fuck to trade on? We can accurately predict bitcoin, but what the fuck to trade if EVERYTHING goes down.

I was stubborn at first, knowing bitmex has a scammy attitude towards the group "system overload" scam among others... I avoided it.

... at my own cost.

When choosing between two evils one being not making anything and holding for greater future and other is fucking charging you 30% on top of all your earnings but gives you the ability to short... you choose the lesser evil.

So bitmex we did.

Along the lines I hired by far the most traders in crypto history... tested them one by one, giving them fair chances... only to realize, most of those 'celebrity' traders, have no fucking clue where it's going. They spend their times explaining you how stuff works because they can't give a clear bitcoin signal like:

Bitcoin vs USD

Now: 6150


Sell at: 7000

stop at: 5990

They would write anything and hope for something to hit. It was not unusual for me to see them making charts with up and down arrows, and only to see the coin go sideways like perfectly avoiding their drawn patterns.

THEY are cocky! You have no clue how much arrogance these guys have when talking with them. And they are inaccurate.

It cost me a while until I got the lucky break... ever since I stopped trading (April) when I had a health problem due to new-found stress and being overworked... I was on a hunt of top traders to keep Blockchain Whispers on the throne as #1 the most accurate crypto signaling service in the world.

After like three months of fucking painful trial and error, my lucky break came, and usually when the student is ready, the teacher appears.. so happened here - the trader appears...

and not one, but first came the Sicario Cartel, then came the bitcoin trader Hellfire (Bitmex Leaderboard Trader), then came S (my secret weapon I didn't even announce him yet), then came a consultant M, top fundamental analyst Mr. Y (the only person who called all Coinbase additions this year months ahead of time!)... all of the sudden the circle came together, and not for the money... as hundred million dollar funds asked for my traders and they didn't blink...but because they fucking like what I'm doing here.

I can now proudly say, Blockchain Whispers has the most accurate traders in the world!

Bitcoin Signals are the hardest to make!

You see, anyone give alt signals, anyone can predict: RSI oversold, supports, Elliot waves.. bam, buy here and sell on the resistance - done deal, but the father of it all is when you can give accurate bitcoin signals because bitcoin is the war zone in itself - top traders compete daily, and Bitcoin defines the beginning and the ending of alt season.

There is no alt growing, while bitcoin is dipping. It doesn't exist. That's why the first three quarters of 2018 were bearish for bitcoin and super bearish for alts. When you know bitcoin movement, precisely and accurately - you truly have an edge in crypto trading.

For Bitcoin Signals to be accurate, here's the trick:

First define the bitcoin trend

First you go from big timezones and define trendlines.. trendlines are important as they show you the general channel where bitcoin is now, and only then you gain precision while going from bigger timezones to smaller. If you are acurate with big timeframes and trendlines you can call yourself a successful trader and profit on the larger cycles. However, if you want to speed up your profit earning process.. you must use accurate bitcoin trends analysis and transfer it into shorter timeframe and see the price action, momentum and sentiment of the market. Once that is identified, you wait for the right setup and then you can give the confident bitcoin signal knowing it has ultra-high odds of being achieved.

This is what we do on Blockchain Whispers for you, daily. Sometimes, I post demonstration calls in free channel (@blockchainwhispersbaby on Telegram) or here on the homepage. Sometimes I post it in "signals" area for you to follow (requires free registration).

The secret behind Blokchain Whispers accuracy is YOU.

That is all thanks to you, to my followers and the motivation you give me. I am so grateful because I know the pain it is to have inaccuracy and what gratifying, empowering, aphrodisiac-like feeling it is to have superior accuracy, almost like cheating on lottery!

That is why this article, to warn you against the scam of sweet talkers would-give-ass-for-fame Youtube, Twitter,... 'celebrities'. With your own money, you don't be stupid like when you vote, don't trade with the ones you 'like' the most, but the one who is the most accurate.

In this case, you're lucky, because the most accurate one is also a quite charming guy too :)

Yours truly,

D Man

Blockchain Whispers